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Note: Viatrexx recently renamed their formulas.  This page contains the newly named formulations.

Viatrexx is a wellness company and manufacturer dedicated to developing and manufacturing integrative oral, topical and injectable formulas which specialize in addressing key pillars of health (drainage/detox, repair/regeneration, metabolism/oxygenation and emotional/traumatic scars) and nourishing vitality, which may all be linked to underlining causes and regeneration. Viatrexx’s pioneering work has lead to unique products and proprietary manufacturing methods which mimic the body’s natural healthy biochemical processes and encourage balance, thereby providing remedies that may have a profound impact.

Viatrexx is headquartered in Canada and the United States. The company name literally means “Via the Matrix”…meaning much of what occurs in health has the same connection to the body’s matrix.

Viatrexx formulas are based on 3 simple principles
The body wants to be well. Provide the body with molecules it recognizes, in a form it is used to dealing with and it will strive to use it in a way to optimize health. These molecules are essentially the metabolic factors.

There are key pillars we view as essential to consider on this path.

  • Encourage the elimination of excess garbage via Detox and Drainage. Clean out the waste.
  • Nourish the body to help encourage repair and regeneration. Provide the components which will nourish its vitality, Chi/Qi, fight, endurance, so it is able rebuild, strengthen, fight back and become self sufficient.
  • If there is no spark, nothing works, therefore metabolism, increased oxygen, more charge on the molecules, things which help encourage better structure, like in structured water are another important component.
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