• Oligotherapy is a method of furnishing the body with the ions it cannot synthesize and which are indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions.
  • This functional therapeutic modality requires the use of trace elements in precisely measured, small doses in a highly bioavailable form.
  • These trace elements are co-factors in a multitude of biochemical reactions where they accelerate the speed of these reactions without ever modifying the important equilibrium that exists and that must reign within the body
  • to maintain optimum health.

UNDA Gammadyn Oligo-Elements are: convenient, effective, highly stable, highly bioavailable and great-tasting.

Oligotherapy – uses small doses of individual trace minerals for therapeutic support, supplementing the necessary minerals for enzymatic functions.
  • Trace elements are considered the “spark plugs of life”.

  • They help to create the combustion of nutrients into tissues and cells energy.

  • These minerals regulate the body through their direct action on the central nervous system (CNS), parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomic nervous system (ANS), the endocrine system and immune system