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Short Wellness Consultations are Complimentary and can include:
(This pertains to both phone, email, and video)

  • Question about a product
  • Question about a product application
  • Personal Wellness Question about what might be a good supplement for your concern
  • General Question about our services
  • A simple follow-up question about a product purchased or protocol you are on
  • A Complimentary Consultation when ordering Homeopathic Remedies
  • There is no charge for product info and general advice. 
  • A fee schedule applies for more detailed consultations.
  • I provide a great deal of complimentary advice and I am happy to be of assistance. 
  • However, certain guidelines pertain in more involved cases or where more involved advice is needed.


  • Generally speaking, complimentary consultations are limited to 10 minutes -15 minutes
  • If you have follow-up questions or dosing questions, etc please use my consultation email address:  [email protected]
  • You may also call and if I am available I will talk with you right away. 
    • Note: (Pekana, San Pharma, Desbio, Apex and other Brands require an initial complimentary consultation)
      • Please give us a call at 561-337-9435 to schedule your complementary consultation with Dr. Hale, AP


  • I consider myself to be a Concierge Level Practitioner with 40 Years of Training and Expertise in a very diverse spectrum of disciplines within the Complementay Altnertive Medicine field..
  • However I call myself the UN-Concierge doctor in that my dollar signs are not $$$$ but rather $ or $$.

  • I can help bring clarity and perspective to your health issue for people using natural medicine as an adjunct to standard of care.  I have helped countless people sort out what they need to do.
  • I strive to help you maximize your wellness dollar.
  • I review your history, meds and supplements and help you to better target your essential wellness needs.
  • I see far too many people taking way too many supplements at once.  
  • I can help you to do more with less and to have better clarity about what you are doing.  
  • I call this better therapeutic efficacy. If you are taking too many supplements and are not clear about what you are taking then it is very difficult to have therapeutic clarity. 

I work with everyone's budget. I like to say that I run a compassionate based practice not a profit motive practice but proper reciprocity for my time is required. 

 These are my general guidelines for my fee schedule:

Non-Customer Tier
  • $100 / hour for people not doing business with me.  This is for phone or Zoom consultation or even detailed email correspondence
    • If you would like for me to review your labs please fax them to: Fax: 561-461-8040.  
    • You can also email them to [email protected] (this is a personal email address it is not considered HIPPA compliant)
Customer Tier
  • For people doing approximately $100 a month in supplement business with me:
    • Then my fee schedule for consultation is $60/hr after the initial intake. 

In All Cases for Customers and Non-Customers
  • An initial review of medical history,
  • Your symptom profile
  • Review of Labs
  • Meds and supplements that you have previously taken and are currently taking
  • Doctors you have seen and what has been done so far

 - This initial review is $100 for the first hour spent and $50 for subsequent hours spent. 
    • To be clear this is for more complex initial intakes (for both people doing business with me and people not doing business with me)

LAB TESTING SERVICES - All labs provided are at my cost (unlike many concierge practices that mark up their functional labs)
We do charge a $25 office administrative fee
  • I offer over 200 different functional lab services.  The old adage still pertains - "good diagnosis makes for good treatment"
    • Collection kits are sent to you with instructions
If a review and report of findings with suggestions is required due to your lab results then this is billed at $75/hr for the first hour spent and $50/hr for any subsequent time.

Note: Partial hours for any of my services are prorated accordingly. 


  1. Genius Insight - Spectral Voice Imprint Testing - While you are on the phone with Dr. Hale, a 15 second sprectral voice imprint is recorded and processed.  A report of findings and energetic sound treatment is provided.  The treatment is good for one week. 
    • Basic Session with report and treatment  $75.  Subsequent Follow-Up Retests $50.

2. Zyto Link -  Using your phone camera you record a short video of your face.  This service is termed "Transdermal Imaging" and is scientifically valid. 
Basic Session with report of findings and supplement suggestions - $100.  Follow-up sessions $75.
  • Biometric Data such as:
    • ZYTO Link includes the following reports:
  • Report Summary – Shows the body’s heart rate, heart-rate variability, breathing rate, facial skin age, mental stress level, and overall biomarker responses.
  • Systems – Provides more detail about the specific biomarker responses. 
    • You can see the overall responses to the various systems, lifestyle areas, and emotions, and drill down into each category to view the specific biomarker responses. 
    • This report also allows you to see the top products for each category, as well as the top products across any categories that you select.
  • Products – Shows the top 5 products the body responded to overall, along with how many biomarkers each product brings into range.
  • Services – Shows the top 5 services the body responded to overall, along with how many biomarkers each service brings into range.

Zyto Testing - Hand Cradle Testing where reactions are recorded and properly calibrated to 1000's of energetic signatures.  Surrogate testing also available
  • Initial 1 hour session - $150
  • Follow-up 1/2 hour sessions $75


Iridology Via Phone - Coming in 2024


  To be clear no homepathic product, herbal product or supplement product have been FDA approved to treat any medical condition or disease.  
(There are a few exceptions)
Dr. Hale provides wellness advice and makes suggestions to support function in the body based on tradition of use and clinical studies of herb, homeopathics and supplements
(Few actual clinical trials have been done in the field of Complementary Alternative Medicine) 

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