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Ayush Herbs Brand Development

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Listed below are the current products and prices

We are presently updating this product line and will be featuring their products in the near future. 

In the meantime see the attached product list and call to place your order. (561-337-9435).  Thank you!  Dr. Hale

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) = Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
Herbal Supplements
Amla Plex (10.6oz)891501001012$33.00
Ayu-Phos (90)891501001562$37.00
AP Traveler (60)891501001029$33.50
Arjuna Heart (90)891501001036$35.50
Ashwagandha (60)891501001043$23.00
Ashwagandha (120)891501001449$37.50
Ayu-Dep (60)891501001494$36.00
Ayu-Test (60)891501001326$33.00
Ayush Multi (90)891501000428$39.00
Bacopa Plus (90)891501001074$42.00
Bio-Gymnema (90)891501001081$35.00
Boswelya Plus (90)891501001098$35.75
Bronchotone (90)891501001906$28.80
Carditone (60)891501001111$37.00
CoCurcumin (5oz)891501001463$44.50
Curcumin 97% (90)891501001128$29.50
Eleg Fem (60)891501001135$33.00
Flucomune (90)891501001142$33.50
Guggal Lip (90)891501001159$32.00
High Omega-3 (60)891501001968$32.00
Livit-2 (90)891501001180$33.00
Macuna Plus (60)891501001203$32.50
Neem Plus (90)891501001289$35.00
Probiotic 100B (60)891501001470$45.50
Regu-Cycle (60)891501001418$34.00
Rentone (90)891501001333$34.50
Shilajeet Mumiyo (60)891501001357$33.50
Sitawari (90)891501001364$34.00
SupraMag (90)891501001951$21.00
Trifal (90)891501001371$27.50
Thyro-M (60)891501001487$27.00
Vegenzyme (90)891501001401$32.00
Liquid Preparation
Ashwagandha Adult Drops (2oz)891501001050$22.00
Ashwagandha Kid Drops (2oz)891501001920$22.00
Bacopa Plus Drops (2oz)891501001067$22.00
Rentone Drops (2oz)891501001340$22.00
Trifal Adult Drops (2oz)891501001388$22.00
Trifal Kid Drops (2oz)891501001890$22.00
KuffSoothe (8oz)891501001630$22.00
Massage Oils
Ayurvedic Hair Oil (6oz)891501001210$21.70
Amla Oil (6oz)891501001432$21.70
Basil Oil (6oz)891501001227$21.70
Brahmi Oil (6oz)891501001234$21.70
Narayan Oil (6oz)891501001241$24.00
Neem Oil (6oz)891501001265$21.70
Cardio Support by RU-VED
Wright Salt (8.4oz)642392000604$15.49
Ayurvedic Literature
Ayurvedic Herbs BookN/A$39.95
AP-Guard (60 capsules) formerly AP-Mag891501001760$33.50
Stress+ Ashwagandha (120 capsules)891501001425$37.50
Paingon™ (90 Caplets) formerly Boswelya Plus891501001777$35.75
Mobility Curcumin 97% (90 Capsules)891501001784$29.50
CoCurcumin™ (5.2oz)891501001654$44.50
Livit-2 (90 Tablets)891501001791$33.00
Neem Plus (90 Capsules)891501001807$35.00
Rentone (90 Caplets)891501001814$34.50
Trifal (90 Capsules)891501001821$27.50
Ashwagandha Stress Support Drops (2oz)891501001838$22.00
NeemEar +Skin Topical Drops (2oz)891501001975$30.50
Rentone Kidney Support Drops (2oz)891501001876$22.00
Trifal Digestive Support Drops (2oz)891501001883$22.00