Tonics that Rejuvenate and Restore
Tonics that Rejuvenate and Restore!

Tonics that Rejuvenate and Restore

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More tonics will be added shortly....for now 2 excellent tonics from Pekana to consider:
  • NEU-Regen
  • Juve-Cal
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    NEU-regen syrup
    The fast pace of modern life places large demands on many individuals mental and physical
    performance. As a result, it is necessary to help the body overcome mental strain and
    emotional exhaustion. NEU-regen syrup helps restore proper organ function and energetically
    balance the performance of the body through gentle regulation. In contrast, drugs
    such as stimulants and sedatives place even greater demands upon an exhausted body

    In a base of syrup with apple whey

    Restorative and rejuvenating remedy for adults and children

    A regenerative remedy that helps restore the mental, emotional
    and physical well-being of adults and children

    In a base of syrup with apple whey, which provides the body with minerals and electrolytes