Syntrion Skin Care Lotions
Natural, safe and high quality Skin Care Lotions

Syntrion Skin Care Lotions

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Syntrion Skin Care Lotions
Skin Care Penicillium frequentans — All-natural, non-GMO, cosmetic quality, (formerly SyAllgen Lotion) [+$37.00]
Skin Care Mucor racemosus — All-natural, non-GMO, cosmetic quality, (formerly SyCircue Lotion) [+$37.00]
Skin Care P. notatum/M.racemosus — All-natural, non-GMO, cosmetic quality (formerly SyDerm lotion) [+$37.00]
Skin Care Penicillium notatum — All natural, non-GMO, cosmetic quality (formerly SyImmune Lotion) [+$37.00]
Skin Care P. notatum/P. frequentans — All-natural, non-GMO, cosmetic quality (formerly Sylnfect lotion) [+$37.00]
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Reliable natural helpers
 Natural, safe and high quality Skin Care Lotions Lotions have a long tradition. They were made for refreshment, treatment or body care and were mostly very valuable. Modern science also considers lotions beneficial because they place nourishing ingredients exactly where they are needed. That is why we developed a modern version of such a traditional lotion. Our Skin Care Lotions can be combined with our remedies without having to worry about unwanted side effects. They are easy to spread and are quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving behind a greasy layer.

100% natural

100% vegan


NO parabens

NO metals


contains skin nourishing microorganism extracts inhibits free radicals, countering oxidative stress calms and relaxes reddened, dry or stressed skin improves skin barrier to protect against viruses and bacteria helps to relax after exercising, exertion or stress helps to release cramps stimulates microcirculation and lymph transportation complementary use during treatment with remedies natural, vegan ingredients which form a gentle, nourishing basis targeted local effect quickly absorbed by skin not greasy particularly suited for children and sensitive people because our products are unscented and have no color additives pharmaceutical grade packaging contains no bisphenol A (BPA) or other additives and no GMOs
Additional treatment effects:

stimulates trigger points while applying lotion
skin care for abrasions, burns or scars