Stockton Aloe 1 - All Products
Stockton Aloe #1 began with the pioneering work of Rodney Stockton, more than 60 years ago - providing 100% pure, raw, hand-fileted Aloe vera gel and Aloe-based products that contain the highest life-enhancing goodness you can find

Stockton Aloe 1 - All Products

Aloe without Aloin - no cramping or laxative effect


The Aloe #1 2-Pack 58 oz. (as seen in the picture) includes the Bonus Youth-Derm® Aloe Cream - this special is exclusive to our iPlanet Health website, 

However you must click on the  link to be taken to the Stockton Aloe 1 Website to place your order

What Makes Stockton Aloe Vera The Best?

Aloe #1® Aloe Vera Gel is raw, Barbadensis-Miller-Stockon aloe leaves that
are harvested, washed, hand filleted, ground, chilled, packaged and frozen. Nothing is
added to our aloe vera gel—no water, preservatives, colors, thickeners, nor flavors.
  • 100% Pure
  • Inner Leaf Gel Only
  • Preservative Free
  • Chemical Free
  • No thickeners
  • No Citric Acid
  • No Sodium Benzoate
  • No Pasteurization – Raw
  • No Heat Processes
  • Nothing Added
  • Non-decolorized
  • Non-deodorized
  • Shipped Frozen
  • Perishable
Aloe 1 the inner leaf is hand filleted in the field, run through a grinder much like kitchen disposal, immediately run through a 50' stainless steel pipe cooled to 50 degrees and put into containers for shipment and immediately frozen. NO other processing is done to this product. The product is shipped FROZEN - triple packed with dry ice.

Aloe 1 is virtually Aloin free - a remarkably 2 to 4 parts per million - what this means is that Aloe 1 does not cause a laxative effect.

“Taking aloe vera that contains aloin in excess amounts has been associated with various side-effects.”
“Once ingested, aloin increases peristaltic contractions in the colon, which induces bowel movements. Aloin also prevents the colon from re-absorbing water from the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to softer stools. This effect is caused by aloin’s opening of chloride channels of the colonic membrane. In higher doses, these effects may lead to electrolyte imbalance, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, which are common side-effects of the drug. Because aloin can potentially cause uterine contractions, pregnant women should avoid ingesting aloe products.”

So this is the difference between Stockton Aloe 1 which is an Aloe Vera Gel and other brands that make Aloe Vera Juice:

Aloe Vera Gel – contains little or no aloin – made from the inner leaf filet. The outer green parts have been cut away.

Aloe Vera Juice – contains aloin – made from whole leaf aloe vera. Essentially, the whole leaves are put in a blender and processed into a beverage.

Stockton Aloe 1 uses inner gel from the filet only in their 100% pure aloe vera gel beverage. Prior to grinding, the filets are rinsed to minimize the possibility of aloin content.

So do we remove the aloin? No we do not, but rather, we prevent the aloin from getting into our aloe. Some companies rely on using processing agents including diatomaceous earth and activated carbon to clean the aloe of the excess aloin. This is not a problem that we have to contend with.

It is shipped ONLY on Mondays and Tuesday via UPS 3rd Day Service.
You ONLY pay for UPS Ground Service - Stockton Aloe 1 pays the additional fee to ship it via 3rd Day Service!!
We ship to all parts of the continental U.S. even in Summer!