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SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc., is a specialized clinical testing laboratory company. We were established in 1993 to commercialize a patented, groundbreaking technology for micronutrient testin

SpectraCell Laboratories - ALL Tests

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Comprehensive Nutritional
Micronutrient Test [+$390.00]
CardioMetabolic Risk [+$180.00]
LPPTM Plus [+$175.00]
Pre-Diabetes (Diabetic Risk) [+$100.00]
Hormone Balance
Male Hormone [+$175.00]
Female Hormone [+$180.00]
Thyroid Comprehensive [+$150.00]
Thyroid Comp. Plus Adrenals [+$175.00]
Telomere [+$390.00]
MTHFR [+$240.00]
Apoliproprotein E [+$240.00]
Factor V Leiden [+$240.00]
Prothrombin [+$240.00]
Reverse T3 [+$75.00]
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