Serocort 500mg 90 capsules by QOL Labs
Weight control, Stress management, Mood support, and Sleep support.*

Serocort 500mg 90 capsules by QOL Labs

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Weight control, Stress management, Mood support, and Sleep support.*
Balancing Complex
(with 5-HTP and Cortisol)
If your efforts to lose weight thus far have been thwarted, there
could be a simple, physiological reason: low levels of serotonin.
There is significant evidence to suggest that people who
suffer from even a slight imbalance in bodily serotonin levels
may experience negative mood states, poor quality sleep, 
stronger-than-normal appetite, and increased food cravings.
Serocort contains 5-HTP, the raw material the body uses
to make serotonin, which may boost levels of this key
neurotransmitter.* The actions of serotonin are reinforced
with ingredients for:
-Weight control. Relora may alleviate stress and stressrelated
eating by regulating cortisol a stress hormone
that can cause weight gain.*
-Stress management. Rhodiola rosea helps the body
adapt to stress, while L-Theanine increases the generation
of relaxing alpha brain waves.*
-Mood support. Insufficient Vitamin D may negatively
affect mood, while Rhodiola rosea has been used for
centuries to promote a positive outlook.*
-Sleep support. L-Theanine encourages the transition
from the beta brain waves of mental arousal to the theta
brain waves of first sleep.*

Servings Per Container: 90
Take 1 capsule three times daily before meals.

5-HTP- 100mg
L-Theanine- 200mg
Rhodiola rosea extract- 360mg