On rare occasion I have customers who provide Patient information for the purposes of purchasing products from me that they then in turn sell on 3rd party websites....like Amazon.   Most of the Brands that I represent expressly forbid such 3rd Party practices.  I can lose my account in such cases.  

If it is discovered that a Patient/Customer/Client has provided me with deceptive or fraudulent information for the purpose of buying products from me for 3rd Party use then NO REFUNDS will ever be provided.  Furthermore,  if I am injured financially in any way due to being deceived by a Patient, Client or Customer and if it is possible for me to determine the Spammer's true identity I will then take legal action against them for damages to my good name and any financial damages to my business that have been incurred.  Scammers & Spammers Beware!   I do have an internet attorney.    Dr. Hale, AP