Quercus pedunculata 125 ml  (4.2fl.oz)  by UNDA
Quercus pedunculata 125 ml (4.2fl.oz) by UNDA

Quercus pedunculata 125 ml (4.2fl.oz) by UNDA

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 photo Gemmotherapy-logo.jpg
 photo Quercus pedunc.jpgThe Quercus Pedunculata is a powerful tree that has become the emblem for longevity and tranquil force. To the ancient Druids, Quercus Pedunculata embodied the strength of the human spirit and was the symbol of power for its role as the master of the forest as it protected the soil and all beneath it

The buds of this great tree are used medicinally for they have great regenerative and Yin tonifying actions on the glandular system, particularly in relation to the cortico-adrenal and male gonadal spheres

 In relation to the adrenal glands, Quercus Pendunculata stimulates 17-hydroxycorticoides (urinary), noradrenalin and cortisol to tonify a deficient adrenal gland. In terms of hormonal health, Quercus Pedunculata stimulates the gonadal secretion of testosterone in men and ovarian function in women especially when there is sexual and hormonal glandular fatigue.
Quercus Pedunculata is also an excellent tonic in malnourished, fatigued, hypoadrenal and convalescent states to fortify those with a low vital force.

Adrenal Atrophy
Chronic Fatigue in Men Sexual Asthenia
Vascular System Problems

Quercus Pedonculata corrects adrenal hormone deficiency and adjusts low blood pressure. Its action is predominantly functional (it has no organic activity on its own) and it can be used to complement most of the other gemmotherapy remedies. This remedy is indicated for conditions such as sexual asthenia, impotence, constipation, chronic fatigue in men, adrenal atrophy and collapse of the vascular system.

Each Drop (0.025 ml) Contains:
Oak (Quercus pedunculata) Bud Extract (1:200)
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin, ethanol (beet),
purified water

Recommended Dose:
(Adults and Children over 12 years old)
Take 50 drops (1.25 ml) three times daily in a small amount of
water, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Gemmotherapy Remedy to be used on the advice of your
healthcare practitioner.

Risk Information: If symptoms persist or worsen, consult
your healthcare practitioner. If you are pregnant or
breastfeeding, do not use, unless directed by your healthcare
NPN 80011007
125 ml