Principles of my practice: from the Desk of Dr. Hale, AP

I view the body, the mind and the spirit holistically through many different paradigms such as:

· BioEnergetic & Biololgical Medicine according to the German Biological Medicine Tradition
· Functional Medicine using functional food powders and evidence-based supplementation
· Oriental Medicine especially related to the Five Element Acupuncture Tradition which nourishes at a constitutional core level of Being.
· Genetic Traits in the Iris which provides insight into a person's constitution, disposition and diathesis (long distance iridology coming soon - we will send you a camera with instructions on how to take pictures of your eyes).
· Genetic Testing predominantly through the '23 and Me' genetic and ancestral testing service and 'Genetic Genie' which extrapolates the 23 and Me genetic findings which provides insight into detoxification issues and other functional health issues.
· Nutritional Blood Chemistries using optimal health reference ranges not disease reference ranges.
· Advanced Functional Medicine Labs providing 21st century medicine insight
· Psychosomatic Energetics - ways in which the psyche can affect the Soma. How hidden emotional stressors have very real effects and burdens on your Vital Energy and abilities to heal, as well as affecting your emotional life and joy of living.

In many ways in Western Natural Medicine, the pinnacle of insight can be found in the emergent system of medicine referred to as German Biological Medicine (GBM). 

I am a pioneer in this field in the U.S.

Many of the German Biological Medicine Precepts are foundational to my practice. Key concepts such as:

  • The 'Disease Barrel' (which is one of the 2 predominant tissues in the body where toxins are stockpiled over time  You will learn why this concept may be of paramount importance to your healing) 
  • Focal blockages (foci)- energetic blockages that interfere with healing.  You will learn about many impediments to treatment.  
  • Terrains (ohms), and the cellular milieu. Most systems in the body have a 'terrain' and if this terrain is toxic or acidic then part of the therapeutic strategy will be restoring healthful function through the use of terrain modulators. 
  • I also emphasis a very important class of remedies referred to as 'Drainage Remedies'.   One of my favorite quotes:  
    • "There is but one disease—deficient drainage".
      Sir William Arbuthnot Lane

I have found in my practice that proper Terrain modulation and milieu therapy is often the key to successful treatment.

Furthermore in the system of GBM:

It is important to understand the following: This is an age old argument, the understanding of which is most important:

The Milieu and the Microbe

Medical practitioners throughout the millennia have searched for and used a wide array of medical modalities to treat the human animal. Treatments have spanned the repertoire of understanding from esoteric shamanic healing to deeply invasive physical surgery and everything in between. However, regardless of the modality used, the basic general premise of all treatments is a focus on the milieu, the microbe or both.

· The milieu includes all aspects of astral-psycho-emotional-spiritual physical body.

· The microbe includes all of the virus, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma and cell wall deficient organisms, plus all of the unknown forms that inhabit us.

This may be a rather bold statement, however, it simplifies all actions toward the biological balance of the body’s terrain and the microbial populations that live there. When one considers all of the various medical treatments available, then one will find that we are either assisting in affecting the milieu, i.e. the energetic or the physical body, the biochemistry and physiology, or directing treatment toward affecting the microbes.

We are either offering beneficial microbes for re-population purposes or attempting to eradicate supposed, non-beneficial microbes. All therapies exist in this manner.

The best approach is to do both, treat the milieu and the microbe and to do so with the most beneficial, natural methods available.

Tools in the toolbox of my practice

I specialize in 'World Class' remedies from around the world:

· Phytoembryotherapy - Plant Stem Cell Therapy from France (plant bud macerates)
· UNDA numbers & Gemmnotherapy from Belgium
· Physiological Regulatory Medicine from Guna (Italy) and Viatrexx (Canada) - pioneers in the field of complex homeopathy using homeopathic interleukins and cytokines to gently modulate pathways in the body.
· Organotherapy (France)
· Enderlein Isopathic and immunobiological remedies from German
· Spagyric Combination (or Complex) Homeopathy Remedies from Germany
· A. Vogel remedies from Switzerland
· Mediherb botanicals from Australia
· Rainforest Herbals from S. America
· Biodynamic and Anthroposophical Remedies based on the work of Rudolph Steiner
· The Finest Evidence Based & Whole Food Supplementation (Professional Brands) in the USA!

You can do no better in the field of Complementary Alternative Medicine