OPTIZEN 24 by ORMED Microspheres 60 Capsules
OPTIZEN 24 for help with anxiety disorders -Ormed of California has introduced four new dietary supplements that feature ground-breaking "Microspheres" Technology developed by Iderne Pharmaceuticals in France -
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OPTIZEN 24 Microspheres Capsules Dietary Supplement from ORMED 

a Microspheres extraction of herbs and zinc sulfate, helps relieve anxiety disorders, including excessive worry, and promote sound sleep. 

Developed by Iderne pharmaceuticals in France, Microspheres (also called Phytomicrospheres) are made using a special plant fiber that acts as a carrier to bring herbal constituents into the blood stream unattenuated. 

As a result, nothing is lost from the extraction process. 

The microspheres contain no excipients, and they transport the phytochemicals to the serum without degradation from the digestive tract. 

The Microspheres process has been designated an ethical medical modality that will replace the use of tinctures in phytotherapy practice by the European Union. Iderne Pharmaceuticals has produced a number of compounds including one designated as a treatment for diabetes by the European Union.

Ingredient Profile
Griffonia seed (Griffonia simplicifolia)
Rhodiola root (Rhodiola rosea)
Bamboo resin (Bambusa arundinacea)
Gentian root (Gentiana lutea)
Melissa flowering tops (Melissa officinalis)
Zinc (Zinc sulfate) 10 mg
60 Microspheres capsules
Recommended dose: one capsule twice a day
Dosage can be increased to two capsules twice a day if necessary


OPTIZEN 24 by ORMED Microspheres 60 Capsules

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