Lyme Disease Support

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Comprehensive Detox Kit 1-set by DesBio
The most comprehensive detox and drainage Kit on the market
Big Three Detox and Drainage Kit  by Pekana Homeopathic Spagyrics
"There is but one disease deficient drainage". Sir William Arbuthnot Lane
Desbio's Immune Support Products
A full spectrum of support products for cold and flu
ARTEMISININ 4 oz by QuickSilver Scientific
In Stock
TBD NRG for for fatigue by ORMED 2 oz herbal tincture blend fortified with essential oils
Stiruba, a Microspheres extraction of the herb Simaruba officinalis, is a powerful anti-parasitic that has proved helpful for some cases of Babesia
French Lyme and Chronic Infections Protocol by Ormed
Introducing the French Lyme Protocol & Chronic Infections Protocol
Dr. Hale's Self-Help Lyme Protocol
Making Lyme Support Accessible and Affordable
Not for Sale - contact us for suggestions
Detox Kit by Hevert Pharmaceuticals
In this Toxic World Hevert has an answer - Supporting the Lymphatic, Hepatic, Digestive and Urinary Systems to Naturally Enhance Elimination Functions