LycoCell 15mg 60 softgels by QOL Labs

LycoCell 15mg 60 softgels by QOL Labs

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-Supports Prostate Cellular Health*
-Supports Healthy Heart, Eyes and Skin*
Men living in the Mediterranean region are significantly
more likely to enjoy prostate health than those in the
United States. Why? Researchers think its all the tomato
products they eat, which contain ample amounts of
Brilliant red in color, lycopene is a powerfully protective
antioxidant. Epidemiological studies have documented that
frequent consumption of lycopene-rich tomato products is
associated with prostate, lung, and stomach cell health.*
Ingesting foods containing lycopene is also linked with
cardiovascular wellness and clear vision.*
While many nutritional supplements contain synthetic
lycopene, Lycocell features Lyc-o-mato, a clinically
tested, natural tomato extract that contains lycopene
plus the full range of phyto-nutrients present in red, ripe
tomatoes. Thats important, because nearly all the human
studies have used whole food sources of lycopene. By providing the full spectrum of phyto-nutrients found in whole tomatoes, Lycocell boasts more powerful
antioxidant activity and greater health benefits than standard lycopene products.

Servings Per Container: 30

Take 2 softgels daily with a meal.

Lyc-O-Mato ...100mg

Standardized Extract: (contains):

Vitamin A

Vitamin E