Local Level Practice - West Palm Beach Clients

Local Level Practice - West Palm Beach & S. Florida Clients

Concierge Practice local level

I provide prospective patients who are interested in my concierge service with an initial 20 minute in-house consultation to better help determine if my practice meets your wellness needs. 


$750 access fee - annual from the starting date -

The first year of concierge service  a comprehensive blood chemistry will be provided - a $250 value at my cost (this would be at least a $500-700 service if line itemized on a Super-Bill).  

This comprehensive lab includes advanced lipid and cardio markers as well as other important functional wellness markers - This  lab is included as part of the $750 access fee. 

(Details of the blood elements provided in this  comprehensive blood chemistry can be provided on request)

This first year lab as part of my concierge service comes with an unbelievable FREE service!   

This first year  lab test (and future lab tests in subsequent years for that matter) include a remarkable feature and value.  

For 1 year you will have access to a licensed Dietitian to help you with your dietary needs in light of your lab findings.   

As many consults as you need... for FREE!    

This is an iPlanet Health Exclusive Service!


The $750 does not include services - only access to my practice for  the next year

My rate for office visits/consultations is $225/hr (FYI, by comparison by visiting the Blue Cross online fee schedule website for West Palm Beach area, the average price for 1 hr of a doctor's time at $425).

Any other labs, ,  conventional or advanced,  that may be necessary are billed at my cost.  This can result in significant savings. 

Note: Local Concierge patients often are seasonal and travel - in such cases because I offer virtual offices services that are accessible anywhere in the world,  you can take your care with you when you travel!

Special needs income  patients are taken on a case by case basis

Financing is available  through PayPal Credit

Note:  I should mention for prospective patients who wish to become Five Element Acupuncture patients - Please read this additional information - Click Here

My Practice Protocol - How I Run My Practice....please read

  • Any supplements you are taking not prescribed by me must be approved.
  • Other practitioner's you are seeing who might conflict with my approach to care...or if there are too many cook's in the kitchen to where unified care becomes impossible - then you will be dismissed from my practice.   No prorated refunds will be provided.  It is best to get all of this worked out upfront.   
  • Please read the information supplied on my principles of practice - Click Here

  • Please read the information supplied on my philosophical approach to care - Click Here

I only take patients who are in agreement with the norms of my practice.  
(This does not mean you have to fully understand all of the principles and approaches to care that I have listed)
If you have questions please feel free to ask.
If you become a Concierge Patient - you will need to acknowledge via email or in writing that you have read this information. 

Lastly,  and I apologize that this even needs to be mentioned - rudeness and discourtesy for whatever  reason will result in dismissal from my practice.  

Certainly if the need arises complaints and concerns can be voiced in a courteous manner.  

My policy is 'wellness medicine' is a two-way conversation and I encourage engagement that leads to a proper practitioner/patient rapport.  

If this harmonious relationship is injured for any reason and a contentious relationship ensues - a healing relationship that engenders wellness no longer exists.