Immunexx 30ml ORAL SPRAY - Combination Formulas - by Viatrexx Bio Inc.
Immunexx 30ml ORAL SPRAY - Combination Formulas - by Viatrexx Bio Inc.

Build & fortify the immune system from the foundation up.
Useful for colds, flu's, viral, bacterial and immune challenges.
Exceptional for asthmatic allergic reactions, important in TH1 up regulation.


Adrenals Vitality, fight, endurance, energy.
Bone Marrow Produce undifferentiated T-Cells for Thymus; as well as Lymphocytes & blood cells
Erythrocytes Immune support, oxygenation, stem cell production
Granulocyte Colony Immune response to infectious diseases, Stimulating factor chronic & auto-immune; stimulation of neutrophils.
Interleukin-2 Stimulates immunity, fights pathogenic & viral infections by mobilizing lymphocytes, increases antibody response, boosts compromised immunity.
Interferon gamma Master cytokine, for first line of defense, mainly macrophages, increases MHC, inhibits TH2 lymphocytes, activates NK cells.
May be significant in rebuilding epithelial membrane.
Lymph nodes T lymphocyte production & Immune support
Peyer s Patches Lymphocyte production and GI immune support
Thymus Convert hematopoietic precursors from the bone marrow to the require immunoagents and adapts the T-cell orientation to respond accordingly. Stores T-lymphocytes.

Immunexx 30ml ORAL SPRAY - Combination Formulas - by Viatrexx Bio Inc.

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