Gemstone Balsams by Pekana - Harmonize Your New Year
PEKANA's new GemstoneBalsam Kit offers seven energetic cosmetic ointments not only suited for skin care, but also for harmonizing the body's energy flow when applied to the chakra points

Gemstone Balsams by Pekana - Harmonize Your New Year

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The seven Gemstone Balsams by PEKANA combine skin nurturing properties with the power of gemstones and essential oils for your daily well-being.
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Gemstone Balsams Kits
Gemstone Balsam Small Kit 7 tubes 7 grams each [+$90.00]
Gemstone Balsam Small Kit 7 tubes 30 grams each [+$150.00]
Gemstone Balsams Singles
Gemstone Balsam 1 Energy and Vitality 7x30 grams [+$30.00]
Gemstone Balsam 2 Opening and Changing 7x 30 grams [+$30.00]
Gemstone Balsam 3 Harmony and Optimism 30 grams [+$30.00]
Gemstone Balsam 4 Joy and Tranquility 30 grams [+$30.00]
Gemstone Balsam 5 Clarity and Openness 30 grams [+$30.00]
Gemstone Balsam 6 Release and Processing 30 gram [+$30.00]
Gemstone Balsam 7 Protection and Inner Peace 30 grams [+$30.00]

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New PEKANA Gemstone Balsams Combine Cosmetic, Skin Nurturing Properties with the Energetic Power of Gemstones and Essential Oils

PEKANA's new Gemstone Balsam Kit
offers seven energetic cosmetic ointments not only suited for skin care, but also for harmonizing the body's energy flow when applied to the chakra points.

In addition, the balsams can be used for body massage, acupressure, foot reflex zone massage, and to support kinesiology applications.

US practitioners who tested the Gemstone Balsams on multiple patients report the following findings:

1) Energy centers are cleared immediately - like a rush of energy to the aura
2) The specific chakra balsam used will continue to soften tight or tense muscles, or increase circulation and warmth to the energy center
3) The scents are subtle yet noticeable only after being rubbed onto the skin, then they dissipate. All the scents are pleasant, as each balasam contains a different essential oil and gemstone
4) Patients reported feeling calmer and clearer after use (a specific balsam was selected & applied at the end of each patient's treatment session based on their presenting condition)

Specific conditions where the Gemstone Balsams were applied and the patient received relief include digestive upset, tension in neck and throat, hip pain, and anxiety.

The seven Gemstone Balsams by PEKANA® combine skin nurturing properties with the power of gemstones and essential oils for your daily well-being. 
According to tradition, gemstones represent the harmonization of the body's ethereal energy flow.
The gemstone balsams are not only suited for use as skin care products.
They can also be applied for a soothing body massage, or for acupressure and foot reflex zone massages as well as in osteopathy
In addition, they are frequently used to support kinesiology applications and for energy work.

Gemstones and Energetic Principle

The ideological explanation for the properties is based on the presumption that due to the crystal lattice of the gemstones and the therein embedded minerals,
a local energetic impulse is placed on the skin, which is supported by the circulation and resorption promoting effects of the essential oils.
As a result, the crystal energy should be transmitted to the olfactory center with the aid of the essential oils and be sensed there.
The olfactory center is closely linked with the feelings that significantly contribute to our well-being.

Gemstone Balsams and Chakras
The term Chakras stands for the energy centers in the human body that, according to the supporting theory, are located along the spinal column
and transform material influences in such a manner that they can be grasped emotionally and intellectually. 
Each Chakra is assigned to  particular organs or glands. 
The gemstone balsams can be selected according to their Chakra categorization, in order to apply them to the
specific energy center. Small quantities are already sufficient to achieve the intended purpose.

Information for the Consumer
It is important to consciously appreciate the aroma following application of the gemstone balsam. 
For infants and especially newborns, it is recommended to work mainly on the feet, since the skin on the body is very
sensitive. This enables all areas of the body to be approached over the reflex zones. 
Even pregnant women can use the balsams, since the concentration of essential oils is extremely low. Sparse application of the balsams is sufficient.

Information About the Ingredients
The gemstone powder is pulverized to a particle size of 40pm. The crystal lattice structure is maintained at this particle size. The essential oils are
processed from organic products. All ingredients are tested according to strict criteria and the production is done in compliance with the highest
quality standards (GMP regulations). The neutral, well-tolerated salve base provides an ideal carrier for these ingredients. It is free of animal
ingredients, preservatives, artificial colors and aromas as well as mineral oil derivatives. 
Please refer to the external packaging for the declaration of
the ingredients

Information on the Individual Balsams
Every gemstone balsam combines two gemstone powders each with two essential oils. 
The following explanations describe some of the properties and the application spectrum of the gemstone balsam.

Gemstone Balsam 1 Energy and Vitality
Sugulite was first discovered in 1944 in Japan and named after its founder Dr. Kenichi Sugi. The stone is attributed with the characteristic of
consistently living according to one's own inner truth. The stone garnet is considered to promote self-confidence and vitality and have a positive in
influence on the regenerative potential of the body. Fragrant rose oil strengthens our emotions and is said to inspire individual drive. The
pleasant scent of the spike lavender rounds off the nurturing composition to create a lively mood.

Gemstone Balsam 2 Opening and Changing
Reorientation in processes of change; finding goals and meaning are attributes belonging to the emerald. The red jasper has always been
considered the stone that helps to courageously and insistently pursue goals.
The oil of the rosemary plant has always been one of the stimulating essences with its invigoratingly fresh fragrance; this is supplemented
by the scent of the essential oil from the cedarwood.

Gemstone - 3 Harmony and a positive influence on the improvement of analytical thinking, the
strengthening of self-confidence and a sense of responsibility are properties associated with onyx. Joy, idealism and community spirit are
said to receive a supporting influence from carnelian. The warming, aromatic scent of the high quality cypress oil is synonymous with vitality
and self-confidence; the slightly sweet, lemony scent of the bergamot crowns this balsam.

Gemstone Balsam 4 Joy and Tranquility
The black tourmaline represents the harmonious unit of body, mind and soul.
This stone is also said to have protective properties against negative energies. Jade is the stone of the balancing principle.
The flowery-woody scent of sandalwood oil strengthens optimism. Rosewood oil, with its invigorating properties, completes this balsam.

Gemstone Balsam 5 Clarity and Openness
Rock crystal is transparent, pure crystal quartz without tinting and clouding impurities and therefore conveys a sense of clarity. Throughout
the ages, chalcedony has been known as the 'stone of orators. 
In literature, chalcedony is described as having the two aspects of communication: the abilities to listen and to understand. The essential oil of the
peppermint plant is a refreshing and energizing scent. The spicy aroma of sage oil promotes the flow of energy and beneficially tops off the composition.

Gemstone Balsam 6 Release and Processing
In literature, the place where agate was discovered was the Sicilian Achates River, which explains the origin of the name. Agate is said to
have the property to promote the conscious processing of life experiences and thereby to reach inner stability and the release of inner
tension. Sodalite should help you to stand up for yourself and to have a positive effect on the release of feelings of guilt. The oil of the orange, as
a plant that requires a sunny habitat and which has stored the brightening and warming energy, represents a cheerful mood and wards off
claustrophobic feelings. The blue oil of the chamomile is considered to have a balancing effect.

Gemstone Balsam 7 Protection and Inner Peace
The name amethyst originates in Greece and means "sober" (a-methystos).
Even back in Antiquity, it was attributed as having a sobering, reduced effect. In the Middle Ages, Konrad von Megenberg
correctly classified the amethyst as a mineral that "gives people courage, rids them of evil thoughts, yields rationality and makes them
gentle and clement." Aventurine is known as the stone that promotes relaxation and regeneration.
The application of lavender oil is a calming component. The woody-fresh, relaxing scent of the cypress is often
described as protection against negative powers. *AII of the statements expressed here about the gemstones and
essential oils contained in PEKANA® Gemstone Balsams are references to knowledge that has been passed down traditionally.
They are not based on natural scientific knowledge.