Gammadyn Zn-Ni-Co  30ampules  by UNDA
This association of three trace-elements has a first-rate catalytic role in hypophyso-pancreatic dysfunctions and prediabetic conditions

Gammadyn Zn-Ni-Co 30ampules by UNDA

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Each 2 ml (0.07 fl.oz.) ampoule contains
0.0674 mg of zinc from zinc gluconate,
0.0726 mg of nickel from nickel gluconate, and
0.0726 mg of coper from coper gluconate.

This association of three trace-elements has a first-rate catalytic role in hypophyso-pancreatic dysfunctions and prediabetic conditions: indeed, they concentrate preferably in the pancreas and, by their hyperglycemiant, synergistic effect, improve the tissular fixation of glucose. 

Zinc forms specific metalo-enzymes such as carboxypepitidase and renal dipeptidase that digest protein. 

Zinc also plays an active role in glucose metabolism. 

Cobalt is the central element in various peptidases and stimulates glycogen and insulin release by the liver and pancreas. 

Nickel is important for liver function and glycogen release from tissues. 
Nickel has been shown to enhance the uptake of glucose into rat adipose tissue and the incorporation of glucose into glycogen. Nickel also plays an important role in several enzymes that deal with carbohydrate metabolism.


Digestive disorders: food allergies
Pituitary-pancreatic dysregulations

Adrenal (hyper)
Gallblader Dysfunction
Diabetes (melitus)
Libido, weak (male)
Sleep Disorders (bedweting)

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