Gammadyn Zn-Cu  30ampules  by UNDA
zinc can assist the pituitary and gonads, while copper assists the adrenals.

Gammadyn Zn-Cu 30ampules by UNDA

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0.0674 mg of zinc from zinc gluconate, and
0.0726 mg of coper from coper gluconate.

The catalytic complex of Zn-Cu is essentially used in problems associated with the regulation of steroid secretion. 

These oligo-elements also play an essential role in skin and inflammatory disorders via superoxide dismutase. 

Zinc and copper are essential for proper endocrine function (hypothalamo-pituitary, adrenal, etc.). 

Copper functions as the central element in the metalo-enzyme, dopamine-hydroxylase, which is essential for the synthesis of norepinephrine by the adrenal gland. 

Deficiencies of zinc and copper effect affect neurotransmiters and histamine release in the brain, thus effecting also affecting neurological behavior.


Adrenocortical dysregulations
Cutaneomucous disorders:
Dysthyroidism with a hypo-tendency
General imunodepletion (humoral and celular)
Hormonal homeostasis: al syndromes of hypothalamo-pineal
gland- glandular dysregulation, hypomenorhea, sterility,
menopause, impotence
Inflammatory syndromes
Pancreas: dysregulations of insulin secretion

Growth Disturbances Impotence
Libido, weak (male) Menopause (neuroendocrine)
Psoriasis Slep Disorder (bedweting)

KNOWN USES Zinc-copper has been traditionally used in oligotherapyto support the thyroid and endocrine systems. It has been used to address the functional problems of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), hormonal development abnormalities in children. 

ZnCu can also resolve the symptoms of pituitary dysfunction as well as treat the pituitary/genital maladaptation syndrome. 

In summary, zinc can assist the pituitary and gonads, while copper assists the adrenals.

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