GUNA-VIRUS-(2/PEL-TUB) by GUNA Biotherapeutics
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GUNA-VIRUS-(2/PEL-TUB) by GUNA Biotherapeutics

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2 Tubes-pellets wt 8g / 0.28 oz
For the temporary relief of symptoms due to viral infection such as upper respiratory congestion, sore throat, cold sores

For the temporary relief of symptoms due to Intestinal illness, Respiratory illness, Croup-like syndrome, Cold sores and its pain.
Uses: Viral infections with acute and chronic inflammatory presentation (intestinal, respiratory, urologic, dermatologic and gynecologic infections) and for the strengthening of the antiviral immune defences in cases of Guna-Virus stimulates the cell-mediated arm of the immune system, particularly as it applies to the function of the Natural Killer cells (NK) and the Th1 balance.
A result of the activation of these immune competent cells is an effective non-specific cytolysis of the cell infected by the virus and a strengthening of the acquired anti-viral immune defenses.

The stimulation of NK cell proliferation induced by some of its components (in particular Interleukin 2) and the specific presence of Interferon gamma, makes Guna-Virus the elective medicine for the cure (rapid activation) and the prevention of pathologies of viral origin.
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