GUNA TAMANU ARNICA plus IL-10 Cream by GUNA Biotherapeutics
Make Your Own Custom Cream for Pain & Inflammation by combining Tamana Arnica Cream with 7 ML's of IL-1 (Interleukin 10 for chronic pain mgt)

GUNA TAMANU ARNICA plus IL-10 Cream by GUNA Biotherapeutics

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Make Your Own Pain & Inflammation Cream
Mix 7 ml of Guna IL-10 to Tamanu Arnica Cream [+$26.50]
See Tab Below -A New Way to Control Pain & Inflammation

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TAMANU ARNICA    plus add IL-10 (Interleukin 10 tincture)
for an effective pain and inflammation cream


Tamanu Arnica  Add 7 ML's of IL-10 and mix together and apply

Tamanu Cream comes in a 75 ml tube
IL-10 comes in a 30 ml tincture
Dr. Hale must prescribe IL-10 call us to discuss your particular need - 561-337-9435

A New Way to Control Pain & Inflammation
Contact Dr. Hale, AP for more Information

Mix 7 ml of IL-10 with

GUNA TAMANU ARNICA Cream by GUNA Biotherapeutics

This slide shows a shoulder injury in a 51 year old athlete. 
The swimmer could not raise his arm in training that morning and experienced intense pain. 
Radiometric imaging revealed inflammation in the deltoid area spanning up the shoulder to the neck. 
Radiometric data confirmed inflammation with a heightened temperature of 33.9 C° in the affected tissue.  
After application of a thin layer of a topical 
the temperature in the deep tissue was reduced to 31.6 C° in ten minutes. 
The athlete’s pain was relieved and he was able to resume training.


For the temporary relief of facial signs of fatigue due to stress, unbalanced lifestyle, pollution.

TAMANU ARNICA CREAM Arnica this innovative cream is soothing and restoring for sensitive skin in both adults and children. Rich in vegetable extracts, it can be used to sooth skin irritated by atmospheric agents, sun rash, chapped and dry skin. 

TAMANU - Arnica contains a highly sophisticated herbal combination. The properties of the European plants contained in this cream, such as: Arnica, with well-established use in injuries; Calendula, renowned for its emollient properties; and Ninfea, which is well-known for its excellent soothing properties, are enhanced by their combination with Polynesian plants, whose traditional use has been validated by recent scientific studies. 

Product Applications: Oil of tamanu is suitable for general skin and cosmetic purposes. The oil s unusual absorption, its mild and pleasant aroma, and its luxurious feel make it ideal for use in lotions, creams, ointments and other cosmetic products. 

Considering that tamanu is a potent healing agent with proven benefits, it is only a matter of time before tamanu breaks through to more widespread use, and assumes a position among other successful topical and cosmetic ingredients.