GUNA-ANTI-AGE-VEIN-(2/PEL-TUB) by GUNA Biotherapeutics
Italian Homeopathic Remedies of the Highest Quality

GUNA-ANTI-AGE-VEIN-(2/PEL-TUB) by GUNA Biotherapeutics

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2 Tubes-pellets wt 8g / 0.28 oz
For the temporary relief of Symptoms of venous congestion and stasis such as: swollen legs, cold feet
Anti Age Vein provides support for venous failures leading to varicosities, with its primary action being on venous failures that worsen with heat and sun exposure and manifest with heavy and swollen legs
Uses: venous failure, varicose veins, symptomatology referred as heavy and swollen legs .
Please consult your physician