French Lyme and Chronic Infections Protocol by Ormed
Potent but Safe Lyme and Chronic Infection Protocol - Numerous doctors and pharmacists in France have attested to the potency of the supplements used in the Lyme and chronic infections protocol. Because of their low toxicity and safety, they cause no side effects with the exception of microbial die-off, which has been occasionally reported and easily mitigated

Ormed Chronic Infections Protocol
An Activated, Liposomal Botanical and Nutritional Protocol for Tick-Borne and Chronic Infections

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Ormed Chronic Infections Protocol

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 Ormed Custom Essential Oils Blend
Vitamin C (specially processed Vitamin C)
Biocitricide (specially processed Grapefruit Seed Extract)


Week One:

Specially-processed Vitamin C. Begin at a dose of 2 to 3 drops, three times a day. The maximum recommended
dose is 30 drops, three times per day. After one week of the lower dose, it can be gradually increased.

Week Two:
Continue with the Vitamin C, and add the specially processed Grapefruit Seed Extract. Begin GSE at a dose of
10 drops, three times per day. NOTE: Senstive patients should start SLOW at 1 drop, three times per day. If no
die-off reactions occur, dosage can be gradually increased to 25-30 drops, three times per day.

Week Three:
Continue the Vitamin C and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Add the specially processed Ormed Essential Oils Blend
{Blend Ormed) at 1 or 2 drops, three times per day. The maximum recommended dose is 5 drops, three times
per day.
The protocol can be continued for several weeks. A single course of treatment in the French Lyme protocol is
18 weeks. Dosages can be varied during the protocol. With die-off reactions, the Essential Oil Blend dosage
should be reduced first, followed by the Grapefruit Seed Extract. The Vitamin C is used as an antimicrobial but
causes fewer die-off reactions. Any of these formulas can be rubbed into the skin, for example, on the inner
arm between the elbow and wrist, if there are reactions, or for hypersensitive patients.

Additional Therapies to Consider:
For pain, add Ormed Ormed Releva, PEKANA apo-Rheum, apo-Dolor, and Opsonat
For gut symptoms: add PEKANA apo-Stom, Ormed Stiruba
For fatigue, add Ormed TB-NRG, PEKANA Neu-Regen, Ormed Magnafort
For anxiety, add Ormed Optizen 24, PEKANA Psy-Stabil, corn-Calm
For neurological problems, add Ormed TB-CNS, PEKANA Viscum

Contents of Formulas

Essential Oils Blend:
Tea Tree
Specially processed sodium-reduced marine salts
Alcohol solution of plant cell membrane phospholipids

Grapefruit Seed Extract (Biocitricide):
Grapefruit Seed Extract in organic alcohol
Specially processed sodium-reduced marine salts
Alcohol solution of plant cell membrane phospholipids

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)
Specially processed sodium-reduced marine salts
Alcohol solution of plant cell membrane phospholipids

French Lyme and Chronic Infections Protocol by Ormed

Introducing the French Lyme Protocol & Chronic Infections Protocol

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Ormed Chronic Infections Protocol - 3 Bottle Protocol for Lyme Symptoms
Custom Oil Blend + Vitamin C + Biocitricide [+$145.00]
Vitamin C
Vitamin C 50 ml [+$46.00]
Biocitricide 250 ml [+$56.00]
Ormed Custom Essential Oils Blend 30 ml
Ormed Custom Essential Oils Blend 30 ml [+$46.00]
Additional Therapies to Consider - For Pain:
PEKANA apo-Rheum 50 ml [+$25.00]
PEKANA apo-Dolor 50 ml [+$25.00]
PEKANA Opsonat 50 ML [+$25.00]
Ormed Releva 60 capsules [+$30.00]
PEKANA Opsonat 100 ml [+$38.50]
Additional Therapies to Consider - For Anxiety
Ormed Optizen 24 - 60 capsules [+$32.00]
PEKANA Psy-Stabil 50 ml [+$25.00]
Psy-Stabil 100 ml [+$38.00]
PEKANA Coro-Calm 50 ml [+$25.00]
PEKANA Somcupin 50 ml [+$25.00]
UNDA's Passiflora Plex [+$20.00]
Additional Therapies to Consider - For Fatigue
PEKANA Neu-Regen 250 ml syrup [+$30.00]
Ormed TB-NRG 2 oz drops [+$34.00]
Ormed Magnafort - coming soon
Additional Therapies to Consider
TB-CNS (Andrographis, Black Walnut, Sarsaparilla, Neem, Lemon Oil) Antimicrobial Compound Treating Central Nervous System 2oz drops [+$34.00]
TB-CNS support for Inflammation;Dementia;Depression;Brain Fog/Cognition;Regulates Blood Sugar/Brain Connection;Intestinal Parasites/Gastrointestinal Issues;Fever; Liver And Pancreatic Function;Bio-Fil
TB-JNT (Andrographis, Corydalis, Devil's Claw, Cat's Claw, Oregano Oil) Compound Treating Pain and Inflammation Linked to Chronic Infection 2oz drops [+$34.00]
TB-JNT provides support for Lyme-Related Joint Pain And Inflammation;Supports Liver Function;Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites;Mycoplasma;Arthritis
TB-NRG (Teasel Root, Noni Fruit, Burdock Root, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Savory Oil) 2oz drops- Compound Treating Adrenal Fatigue Linked to Chronic Infection [+$34.00]
TB-NRG provides support Fatigue from Chronic Infection;Adrenal Fatigue;Immuno-modulator;Supports Digestive Function;Candida/Clostridia;Intractable Infections
More Additional Therapies to Consider
GLYXCEL (Ash Leaf, Juniper Berry, Zinc Sulfate, Colloidal Chromium) 60 capsules [+$32.00]
Glyxcel provides support for Metabolic Syndrome;Blood Sugar Regulation;Lowers Triglyceride Levels;Regulates Leptin Levels (appetite control;Regulates Blood Pressure;Support for Cardiovascular Health
OPTIZEN 24 (Griffonia Seed, Rhodiola Root, Gentian Root, Melissa, Bamboo, Zinc, B3, B6, Inositol) 60 capsules [+$32.00]
Optizen 24 provides support for Regulates Dopamine Levels;Anxiety and Panic Disorders;Depression;Sleep Disorders;Acts as Neurotransmitter and Serotonin Precursor
RELEVA (Devil's Claw Root, Meadowsweet, Black Currant Leaf, Manganese, Copper) 60 capsules [+$32.00]
Releva provides support for Pain and Inflammation (joint and headaches; Mild COX-2/Inhibits Pro-inflammatory Cytokines; Rheumatic Pain Disorders; Headaches
STIRUBA (Simarouba Bark) 60 capsules [+$32.00]
Stiruba provides support for Amebic Dysentery; Intestinal Ameba (Salmonella, Shigella, Babesia,Trichomonas Vaginalis)
Skin Rash Support
Parapro 1oz Homeopathic Spray [+$23.50]
For Parasite, Viral, Candida or Mold Co-Infection Please Call
For Parasite, Viral, Candida or Mold Co-Infection Please Call
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Ormed Activated, Liposomal Delivery System TechnologyFor Tick-Borne and Chronic Infections

The Activated, Liposomal Delivery System Technology was developed by Professor Pierre-Henri Lagny of Izeste, France as part of his research on antimicrobial agents, and his quest to solve the problem of antibiotic resistance. According to research carried out by the East Coast Pharmaceutical Research Associates and the Department of Microbiology-Immunology of the University of Montreal Research Center, micro-dilutions of metal ions, even if they have no activity when used alone, multiply the efficacy of anti-infectious agents up to 1660% when added within a narrow, precise range. The efficacy is further increased by the use of liposomes. The process can be used with natural products with no contraindications or side-effects. The therapeutic benefits include 1) no more bacterial resistance, and 2) no chemical residues to discharge.

Dilutions of micrograms per milliliter are effective in vitro. But the active agent must be diluted in a 100 ml glass of water for oral consumption so only hundredths of millionths are actually ingested. At such dilutions, one assumes that no molecular contact is possible. Only the concept of chemical reactions as interactions of electromagnetic signals of molecules can explain this. This is NOT homeopathy. The activation comes from the precise proportion of electrolytes.

The three key elements of the Delivery System Technology are: Dilution, Dynamization and Dispersion
  • Dilution of the base substances is in proportion to the electrolytes added to increase the potency. The dilution is equivalent to a dilution of 6X;
  • Dynamization is brought about by precise calibration of the electrolyte minerals added to the ingredients; this results in activation of antimicrobial potential as well as efficiency in penetrating membranes;
  • Dispersion is enhanced further by liposomal technology.
The Quest for the Conquest of Antibiotic Resistance To address the problem of antibiotic resistance, Professor Lagny proposed three types of solutions based on three concepts:
The concept of utilization of anti-infectious agents of natural origin
The concept of activation
The concept of dispersion

Natural Substances:
The efficacy of agents such as grapefruit seed extract, propolis, and essential oils is reported in a wide variety of publications, and were the subjects of Prof. Lagny's experimentation with a non-synthetic chemical approach to antimicrobial therapy.

Activation: Use of Metals as Antimicrobials

Besides essential oils, metals have historically been used as antimicrobials. It was also discovered that electrolytes enhance the effect of conventional antibiotics. This was found to be true apart from any antimicrobial properties the metals themselves may have. But Dr. Lagny felt that natural substances, which have more complex structures than the relatively simple chemical molecules used in antibiotic therapy, make it more difficult for bacteria to adapt.

The concept of activation was discovered during his research on agents that have the ability to inhibit bacterial enzymatic functions. Metal ions used in microdilution in a very precise amount, and only in this amount, can increase the potency of anti-infectious agents by 100%, 1000%, or more. This discovery has been patented. Metal salts such as lithium fluoride and Stannous fluoride were used in some of the tests, but they could arouse objections from the standpoint of safety. Sodium-free seawater, with its 83 elements containing all metals in trace amounts, was adopted for use to resolve the safety problem.

Enhanced Liposomal Delivery

The bilayer structure of liposomes is nearly identical to the bilayer construction of the cell membranes that surround each of the cells in the human body. This occurs because of the unique composition of phospholipids. The phosphate (source of "phospho" in phospholipid) head of phospholipids is hydrophilic — it loves water — whereas the fatty-acid tails (lipids) are hydrophobic — they hate water. When phospholipids find themselves in a water-based solution, the hydrophobic tails quickly move to distance themselves from the liquid just like oil separates from vinegar. So, as all the tails turn inward and all the heads turn toward the liquid, they form a double-layered membrane. Cells throughout the body are hungry for phospholipid materials to repair cell membranes and other cellular structures. In liposomal delivery, the cells can readily utilize the materials contained in the liposome allowing their contents to "leak out," i.e. be delivered into the cell's interior. The therapeutic value and greatly increased delivery of liposome-encapsulated drugs and nutrients has been scientifically confirmed many times. At present, liposomes are the most bioavailable oral way to deliver nutrients. Most liposomal dispersants use polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol. Dr. Lagny considers the plant cell wall-based dispersing agent in the production to be more compatible with living systems than synthetic sources. It makes essential oils and pungent substances such as grapefruit seed extract drinkable, using only 1/10 of the pure product, while preserving its efficiency.

Potent but Safe

Numerous doctors and pharmacists in France have attested to the potency of the supplements used in the Lyme and chronic infections protocol. Because of their low toxicity and safety, they cause no side effects with the exception of microbial die-off, which has been occasionally reported and easily mitigated.