The Five Element Acupuncture Tradition

For patients who also would like to become Five Element Acupuncture patients - there is an additional $500 access to treatment annual fee.   A minimum of 5 initial Five Element Acupuncture treatments are required per week.   Each treatment will last 1.5 to 2 hrs and the cost is $250 per treatment.    Five Element style acupuncture is unique among all the styles of acupuncture in that you are treated at a core constitutional level.  It is NOT a symptomatic type of acupuncture.  IF you are on a spiritual path in life or desire to be then this type of acupuncture is for you. 

I will be posting more information on this wonderful modality in the near future.  This information was well represented on our office website which was recently taken down by a database virus...and which we are in the process of rebuilding.