Emvita-18 by Rubimed Remedies
Emotional remedy aimed as an aid for feeling as being rushed, as if with faster thought than action; feeling victim of haste, impulsiveness or superiority circumstances; deep feeling of leading the wrong life; a sense of

Emvita-18 by Rubimed Remedies

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There has been a recent FDA decision which has caused the Rubimed importation INTO THE U.S. to be Discontinued
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Emvita Remedies will only be sold along with their supporting Chavita Remedy

Should You Need Advice - Please Contact Dr. Hale, AP who is trained in PSE (Psychosomatic Energetics) using the REBA Test Device and Rubimed Remedies
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The forty (40) Rubimed homeopathic remedies have been designed to treat different energy blocks within the human energy system
28 Emvita® Emotional Remedies
Seven Chavita® Chakra Remedies
Four Acute Agents & Geovita®

Conflicts in the Fifth (Throat) Chakra 

The Homeopathic Remedy for Emotional Conflict 18 is called Emvita 18

  - The Keynote Indication for Emvita 18 is Rushed.
Impulsive, overexcited, stuttering; the feeling of living a life that is false at
its core; thoughts outrunning actions, thereby causing misunderstandings
on the communications level

Note: Emvita 18 is designed to be used in conjunction with Chavita 5- the Remedy for the 5th Chakra.


  • Emotional remedy aimed as an aid to feeling as if lacking concentration, with a sense of distraction, absentmindedness, aloft thinking, going astray in thoughts or unable to put things in order; as if disconnected from our primeval sense of safety and reliability,
  • Feel off-centered, either as if not having a common center or as if thrown into different directions, away from our center, Distracted, lost in thought, wistful, un-grounded
  • The person affected yearns to be somewhere else entirely. One is not really here, doesn't know one‘s purpose in life.
  • This conflict also applies in the case of an inner resistance, of unwillingly having to be in this world. One lives one‘s life halfheartedly, lacking complete conviction. One doesn't trust oneself to show one‘s capabilities.
  • In stress situations and when one‘s abilities and strengths would be put to the test, one tends to retreat. Inclination to postpone things or do them reluctantly. A person like this often feels unapproachable and flat in human encounters. One is not aware of one‘s strengths. Only a fraction of one‘s inner possibilities are realized. Deep inside, one is stubbornly stuck in a kind of passive resistance.

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The Remedies of Psychosomatic Energetics

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE: psyche = soul, soma = body, energetics = energy) is a method developed by the German general practitioner Dr. Reimar Banis.

In the view of PSE, an adequately strong and harmonious flow of life energy is essential to the maintenance of health and overall well-being.
Repressed emotional traumas (conflicts) store away a lot of life energy, thereby hindering the normal flow of life energy.

Note: The medications presented here are part of the therapeutic orientation of Psychosomatic Energetics, which, according to mainstream medicine, are not scientifically accepted. In particular, scientifically-oriented mainstream medicine disputes the existence of subtle energy, the so-called energy levels and the disturbances arising therefrom, e.g. the Chakras or human geopathic stress burdens. The following indications correspond to the homeopathic medication picture. All statements made here, in particular regarding the named indications, are based exclusively on the theories of the therapeutic methods of psychosomatic energetics. The information in this brochure relies on complementary health experiences of various health care practitioners, but has not been evaluated by the FDA and Health Canada.