EIRA Regenerating Daily Facial Skin Care Cream
Eira s efficacy and tolerability have been proven through product testing. Eira makes skin look and feel healthy, radiant and counters signs of premature aging.

EIRA Regenerating Daily Facial Skin Care Cream

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Eira Regenerating

is a certified natural cosmetic product with high-quality, 100% natural, vegan ingredients. It

  • improves the skin s hydration
  • reduces roughness
  • guards against free radicals
  • stimulates microcirculation
  • calms and relaxes reddened, dry or stressed skin.

Eira s efficacy and tolerability have been proven through product testing. Eira makes skin look and feel healthy, radiant and counters signs of premature aging.

Certified natural:

Eira is a certified natural cosmetic product, inspected by an independent non-profit organization called COSMOS. It guarantees that

  • no petrochemical ingredients
  • no synthetic additives
  • no synthetic fragrances
  • no PEGs
  • no microplastic
  • no GMOs
  • no harsh chemical procedures (i.e. bleaching)
  • no animal testing

are used.


Eira Benefits:

  • Skin hydration: Eira contains hyaluronic acid and organic glycerin natural moisturizers which hydrate and improve the skin s elasticity
  • Protective barrier: Eira contains organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil and plant-based squalan which strengthen the skin barrier and provide protection against outer, environmental factors while being gentle and well tolerable.
  • Natural cell protection: Eira Regenerating contains mucor racemosus extract and tocopherol which help the skin deal with UV rays and act as free radical inhibitors. This prevents premature skin aging.
  • For sensitive skin: Eira nourishes the skin without disturbing its natural balance. This is important as too frequent, rich or perfumed care can lead to skin irritation.

Tolerability and efficacy tests

COSMOS guarantees that our product s quality. The patch and application tests guarantee our product s tolerability and efficacy.

Tests we have conducted:

Patch test/tolerability lead to no skin irritations and therefore proves Eira Regenerating is very tolerable.

4 week application test lead to no skin irritations, hydration improvement of Ø 29,8% and roughness reduction of Ø 30,58%.



As a manufacturer of natural cosmetics we not only take care that our ingredients are sustainable but also that our packaging is. That is why our outer packaging is made of recycled carton. The product container and the label are made of recyclable PP, so that you do not have to separate the two before recycling them. Additionally, the material is light. This helps reduce CO2 emissions during transport. We compensate the remaining CO2 emissions because we want to do our part in keeping the earth healthy.
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