Cornus sanguinea 125 ml  (4.2fl.oz)  by UNDA
Cornus sanguinea 125 ml (4.2fl.oz) by UNDA

Cornus sanguinea 125 ml (4.2fl.oz) by UNDA

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Cornus Sanguinaria is a tenacious hardwood tree that grows on calcareous hillsides throughout Europe. There are two sexes to the Cornus tree. The Sanguinaria represents the female Cornus as each summer solstice its leaves turn red, symbolizing blood and the cyclical flow of this vital life force.
In ancient Celtic mythology, Cornus Sanguinaria came to represent the symbol of the heart. Based on this doctrine of signatures, this tree has a strong affinity with issues of the heart, ranging from blood re-absorption from traumatic hemorrhages to assistance of circulatory flow.

Its primary actions are to clear clogged arteries especially where there is plaque formation leading to coronary insufficiency.

The secondary action is to assist in moderating the functions of the thyroid gland with thyrotoxicosis especially when this is associated with symptoms of extrasystole and hyperhydrosis.

Collapse of Vascular System
Extrasystolem Hyperhydrosis

Cornus Sanguinea is indicated for mainly transitory syndromes of numerous sub-acute inflammatory and necrotic ailments. Due to its anti-necrotic action, it is a remedy for the very first stages of infarct. Its action is swift, but temporary so it can be followed up with Alnus Glutinosa, which treats a similar, but more chronic syndrome. This remedy can also be prescribed clinically for hyperthyroidism. Although it is very active in the first stages of an infarct, it is important only as a complementary remedy in infectious syndromes and is a serious adjuvant for a limited time (six weeks) in cases of thrombosis. This remedy is indicated for conditions such as hyperthyroidism, early stages of infarcts, high results in the heparin resistance test, coagulation disorders, collapse of vascular system, goitre euthyroidism and hemorrhaging due to anti-coagulants.

Each Drop (0.025 ml) Contains:
Dogwood (Comus =guinea) Bud Extract (1:200)
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Glycerin, ethanol (beet),purified water

Recommended Dose:
(Adults and Children over 12 years old)
Take 50 drops (125 fill) three times daily in a small amount of
water, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Gemmotherapy Remedy to be used on the advice of your
healthcare practitione
Risk Information: If symptoms persist or worsen, consult
your healthcare practitioner. If you are pregnant or
breastfeeding, do not use, unless directed by your healthcare
NPN 80010916
125 ml