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Info on Dr. Hale's Virtual Office Wellness Services.  
For people who aren't so interested in reading all of this -please call 561-337-9435

There are 2 Tiers: 
"Basic Wellness Patient" services which are complimentary and "Comprehensive Wellness Patient" service which is a paid service 

First let's start  with the complimentary free services offered as a Basic Wellness Patient
All first time customers are entitled to a free 10 to 15 minutes complimentary consultation! This is a $50 service for free

Short Consultations with Dr. Hale, AP are Complimentary and can include:

(This pertains to both phone, email, video (we have a private chat room) or skype consultation advice)

Question about a product
Question about a product application
Personal Wellness Question about what might be a good supplement for your concern
General Question about our services
A simple follow-up question about a product purchased or protocol you are on
A Complimentary Consultation when ordering Prescription Homeopathic Remedies

There is no charge for product info and general advice.
A fee schedule applies for more detailed consultations - see the Comprehensive Wellness Patient paragraph below.

Certain Brands require a complimentary consultation

First let me say that I do offer a sliding scale for those in need but this is on a case by case basis..Special needs should be discussed at the time of service.   

Basic Wellness Patient - reiteration of the free services listed above

I do wish to help and I do wish to acquire new 'wellness patients' in my practice and one of the unique aspects of my practice is that I provide all new customers or prospective customers with a free 10-15 min. consultation.  This is a $50 service for free.  
So let me explain what it means to be a 'basic wellness patient'  of my practice.   It means you have filled out a very simple 10 question Wellness Questionnaire which is not a medical history as a way of introducing yourself and providing me with a bit of information.   On the basis of this introduction and your complementary phone consultation  I hope to provide you with useful non-medical wellness advice.

Please complete this online Wellness Questionnaire.  This is a basic point of contact I need for my files.  

Comprehensive Wellness Patient

However there is a second patient category in my practice that I call "Health and Wellness Patient for people who need more comprehensive clinically related functional medicine advice". 
(Of course even at this level you are entitled to your free 10-15 minute consultation which you can use to get  acquainted with me and my services and decide if you feel comfortable with the more comprehensive services I have to offer).  

What you get - you get well over $350 worth of services for $250 - this is your initial intake
At this level of care a medical history is needed as well as a signed informed consent form and if available a copy of your historical or most current labs,  provide a list of supplements and meds you are taking,  provide a narrative on how you would like me to help. I provide an additional perk called the Maestro Systems Survey.  This is a famous and very useful wellness and functional medicine survey that has been used in the natural medicine field for decades.  It is now online and is privacy protected.  It consists of approximately 200 multiple choice questions that deal with functional stress in different systems in the body.  I find this invaluable in my practice.   It also supplies you with a very educational report of findings.  In addition just recently there has been an extra feature  added to Maestro which will provide you with an interpretation of your blood chemistry. If you have had a recent lab done we can provide you with a optimal health evaluation.  If you need a lab we can order it  for you. 
All together the Maestro Survey would be $125 or  more just by itself.  So you can see I am providing a lot of value for patients who desire more comprehensive wellness services.  

The cost
This initial review with some suggestions on my part is $250 (in the past this has been a $350 service but I am trying to be more accessible to more people)  and my ongoing help is $200/hr billed in 15 min increments.  
As a comprehensive wellness patient you would be entitled to a 10% discount on my consultation services if you are purchasing $100 per month or more from my online store. 

How Follow-ups are handled
You are also welcome to email me with simple follow up questions during the month as long as it does not pertain to something new or is a complicated question that will require more of my time to reply. 
If you are needing more comprehensive advice during the month then I schedule phone appointments on Wednesdays and you can call to schedule and prepay in 15 min ($50 increments).  
If I am not too busy I may be able to talk with you on a day other than Wed if you need more immediate advice).   

Labs are  available as needed
Also just to let you know I am able to provide practically every advanced functional lab available and can provide you with advice as to which lab test may be best for you,  as well as I can provide standard labs at exceptional cash prices in most States with the exception of NY and CA. The Advanced Lipid and Cardio panels that I offer are the most economical and comprehensive available exceeding what Quest and Labcorp have to offer.   So at this level of care you are enlisting the advantages of all of my virtual office services.  One advantage is the portability of care.  If you have a phone or computer then you have access to my help along the way.  

A Caveat to the care I provide

There is one caveat to both of these services - depending on the care you are presently receiving either locally or non-locally or if you are someone who is in essence 'being their own doctor'  or using what I call 'Dr. Google'  for your care then we would need to discuss how I best can appropriately dovetail my services with the care you are presently receiving.  There often can be too many cooks in the kitchen or doctors on your end that may have no idea concerning the European remedies I often use in my practice.   To be clear and this will be further explained on the 'Informed Consent'  form  - by no means should you regard me as  your Primary Care provider.   My services are adjunctive to good local care where available.   Definition:  adjunct therapy - Another treatment used together with the primary treatment. Its purpose is to assist the primary treatment. Also called adjunctive therapy.
So these sorts of situations need to be properly worked out.  

A Common Sense Properly Disciplined Approach
I have a very broad scope of training about as broad as you will find anywhere.  Years of experience that can provide a common sense and balanced perspective and perhaps a second opinion in some cases that is insightful.  
I am educationally minded and will share information with you as needed from my extensive database.

So if you wish to be a Basic Wellness Patient and take advantage of my free consultation of 10-15 minutes over the phone or if your prefer you can ask me questions via email and I will provide advice as long as it is not too involved and still falls into the 10-15 min time frame ....then please introduce yourself by filling out my Basic 10 Question Wellness Questionnaire and then call to receive your free consultation.  If I am readily available I will certainly talk with you,  otherwise Lourdes, my wife who is my office manager will schedule a time for us to talk. 

Let's start your Wellness Conversation
Please complete this online Wellness Questionnaire.  This is a basic point of contact I need for my files.  


If you wish to be a Comprehensive Wellness Patient I will need your name and email address so I can send you a Medical History and Informed Consent Form to fill out and sign electronically.    
Also after I have your email address I will send you a link to take the Maestro Systems Survey online (very easy to fill out).  This is privacy protected

If you have labs to send you can fax them to:  855-483-6426 which is privacy protected and Hippa Compliant or you can attach them in PDF form to an email but this method is not considered Hippa Compliant. 

It is your decision which method you choose to use.  I will tell you this - only myself and my wife have access to my emails but in this day and time it does not guaranteed that my emails may not get hacked. 

If you are choosing the Comprehensive Care option then please follow link directly below to make payment
Of course you can get acquainted with me first by scheduling your complimentary consultation.
If you wish to start with the Comprehensive plan right away then I will deduct 15 minutes of time from your first consultation bill.  


If you are not interested in either becoming a Basic Wellness Patient or a Comprehensive Wellness Patient but you are simply wishing to purchase certain professional brand products from my site
this will require your doctor's consent.  
Please have your doctor email an authorization note to me at:   or fax to:  855-486-6426

All of these details may seem complicated but I am a licensed practitioner dealing with professional brand products that are not over the counter.  Most of the Brands I represent have internet sales policies so I must abide by their guidelines.   

Wishing you all the best!

If I can answer questions or can be of further assistance please let me know. 

Dr. Hale

Some of the Brands that Require Consultation

Note: (Pekana, San Pharma, Desbio, PHP and Apex products require an initial complimentary consultation)
Note: IF you are presently under the care of a practitioner who has recommended products from one of these brands
and who sell these products in their office then please have your doctor email or fax a note authorizing iPlanet Health
to fulfill your prescription. Our fax number is: 855-486-6426 or email:

Please give us a call at 561-337-9435 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hale, AP
or leave a chat window question - right lower corner of the Home Page

Reiteration of the Rates that apply to "Comprehensive Wellness Patients"  only
Initial Comprehensive Intake $250 - see above for services provided.  A great bang for your wellness buck,  so to speak!
The following fee schedule applies ongoing for Comprehensive Wellness Patients
$200/hr consultation fee prepaid in 15 min. increments of $50 per 15 minutes.  
If you are doing $100 or more in product purchases per month then you will get a 10% discount on consultation services

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