Internet Consultation Services


Short Consultations with Dr. Hale, AP are Complimentary and can include:

(This pertains to both phone, email, video (we have a private chat room) or skype consultation advice)

Question about a product
Question about a product application
Personal Wellness Question about what might be a good supplement for your concern
General Question about our services
A simple follow-up question about a product purchased or protocol you are on
A Complimentary Consultation when ordering Prescription Homeopathic Remedies

There is no charge for product info and general advice.
A fee schedule applies for more detailed consultations.
I provide a great deal of complimentary advice and I am happy to be of assistance.
However, certain guidelines may pertain in more involved cases or where more involved advice is needed. Dr Hale

Generally speaking, first time complimentary consultations are limited to 10 minutes
(I use a Task Timer to time all email correspondence and phone consultations)

Note: (Pekana, San Pharma, Desbio, PHP and Apex products require an initial complimentary consultation)
Note: IF you are presently under the care of a practitioner who has recommended products from one of these brands
and who sell these products in their office then please have your doctor email or fax a note authorizing iPlanet Health
to fulfill your prescription. Our fax number is: 855-486-6426 or email:

Please give us a call at 561-337-9435 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hale, AP
or leave a chat window question - right lower corner of the Home Page

Pertains to the Free Services Listed Above

On many occasions Dr. Hale, AP provides clients with detailed email information and recommendations, however

Phone consultation follow-up to email correspondence to go over suggestions that Dr. Hale has provided via email - a fee schedule applies

Phone Consultation Follow-up to an Email that Dr. Hale has sent:
The following fee schedule applies (for non-concierge clients):
10 minute minumum - $35
15-30 minutes $75
30-45 minutes $150
45-60 minutes  $225

If more involved consultation or ongoing follow-up then please consider our Internet Concierge Services

Dr. Hale, AP also provides concierge services based on your ongoing needs


Don't Despair You Can Find Good Care

Don't Live in South Florida - no problem

We offer plenty of services that come to you as part of our Concierge Package

1. Order a comprehensive lipid panel and/or cardio panel or advanced rheumatoid panel in your area through the lab company we use

and get 1 year's FREE dietary consultation with a licensed dietitian - any time you need!!

2. Biofeedback Wellness Testing via the internet - take your wellness doctor with you!

Dr. Hale is a pioneer in the U.S. in BioEnergetic Testing going back to 1978!

3. The famous Maestro Systems Survey - 200 questions that deal with functional stress via systems in the body

with comprehensive report of findings - take this survey online and it is privacy protected as well!

4. Comprehensive advanced labs - autoimmune tests, toxicity and oxidative stress tests, food sensitivities, gluten, GI function tests and Genetic Testing

- to name a few we send the kits to your door!

5. Review of your labs, medical history, supplements and meds with advice provided

5. Add Dr. Hale's advice and years of experience and diversity of background to your wellness team!


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