Chavita-7 by Rubimed Remedies
Chavita 7 is the remedy for the Crown Chakra that sits on the top of the head, precisely at the location of the king's crown. It is connected to the hypothalamus and the pineal gland. It imparts structure, order and regularity to the entire system.

Chavita-7 by Rubimed Remedies

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There has been a recent FDA decision which has caused the Rubimed importation INTO THE U.S. to be Discontinued
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Chavita Remedies will only be sold along with the appropriate accompanying Emvita Remedy

Should Need Advice - Please Contact Dr. Hale, AP who is trained in PSE (Psychosomatic Energetics) using the REBA Test Device and Rubimed Remedies
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The forty (40) Rubimed homeopathic remedies have been designed to treat different energy blocks within the human energy system
28 Emvita® Emotional Remedies
Seven Chavita® Chakra Remedies
Four Acute Agents & Geovita®

Conflicts in the Seventh (Crown) Chakra 

The Homeopathic Remedy for Energetic Disturbances associated with the 7th Chakra
  - The Keynote Indications for Emvita 2 are Rhythms and Homeostatis.

Note: Emvita's  25,26,27,28 are designed to be used in conjunction with Chavita 7- the Remedy for the 7th Chakra.

Chavita 7 supports Emvita Remedies 25-28:

25 Mistrust 
26 Materialistic 
27 Unwilling to face reality 
28 Wrong thinking


Chavita® 7 is the remedy for the seventh or crown chakra. This chakra is situated at the crown (top) of the head, is associated with the hypothalamus and the epiphysis and regulates neuroendocrine secretions, circadian rhythms and homeostasis. The energetic function is to impart structure, regulation and order to the entire system, including cyclical functions and the sleep-wake cycle.


 Aurum metallicum C 200
Calcarea sulphurica C 200
Lachesis mutus D 21
Valeriana officinalis D 21
Hypericum perforatum D 21
Millefolium D 21
Cerebrinum porcine D 21
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

  • Dosage:

Take 12 drops two times a day or as directed by a health care practitioner.

50 ml drops

The Remedies of Psychosomatic Energetics

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE: psyche = soul, soma = body, energetics = energy) is a method developed by the German general practitioner Dr. Reimar Banis.

In the view of PSE, an adequately strong and harmonious flow of life energy is essential to the maintenance of health and overall well-being.
Repressed emotional traumas (conflicts) store away a lot of life energy, thereby hindering the normal flow of life energy.

Note: The medications presented here are part of the therapeutic orientation of Psychosomatic Energetics, which, according to mainstream medicine, are not scientifically accepted. In particular, scientifically-oriented mainstream medicine disputes the existence of subtle energy, the so-called energy levels and the disturbances arising therefrom, e.g. the Chakras or human geopathic stress burdens. The following indications correspond to the homeopathic medication picture. All statements made here, in particular regarding the named indications, are based exclusively on the theories of the therapeutic methods of psychosomatic energetics. The information in this brochure relies on complementary health experiences of various health care practitioners, but has not been evaluated by the FDA and Health Canada.