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The oral spray has been replaced with the Capsules Version Please Read Below
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COLOSTRUM IC - IMMUNE CONCENTRATE ORAL SPRAY has been discontinued - all of their sprays have been discontinued.

I have been informed by Sovereign Labs that they no longer offer the Colostrum Spray that now it is ONLY available in Capsules (at the same price). Info here:
They have discontinued both of the sprays and replaced them with the capsule version. Here is the info:
Suggested dosage: Capsule form - 120 capsules 400 mg each - 2 capsules a day.
The capsules are the same price as the spray for this product.
Product information for the capsules
Product Description
120 Vegetarian Capsules (400 mg)
Serving Size: 2 capsules
PRO BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules is a proprietary bovine colostrum powder with enhanced PRP levels and liposomal delivery. It contains a minimum of twelve percent (12%) PRPs, which is 4–40 times more than is typically present in other bulk bovine colostrum powders. (so this product is a concentrate if you will. Dr. Hale)

State-of-the-art and proprietary technologies are utilized to extract PRPs which are then added to first milking bovine colostrum to produce PRO BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules. Sovereign Laboratories then uses our proprietary liposomal encapsulation technology (LD Liposomal Delivery) to protect the delicate proteins against stomach acids, bile, and other digestive enzymes; this allows for maximum delivery and absorption into the small intestine.

p.s. Since I practice German Biological Medicine which is a very unique and advanced system of natural medicine - colostrum in that system is considered the first most 'upbuilding' product which means as the gut gets repaired which is done by up regulating Secretory IgA and repairing Peyer's Patches where 70% of the immune system resides (by using colostrum taken orally) that by doing so often a person's energy levels will improve. So this is a very good thing to do at this time. Colostrum raises in addition to what I have just said, colostrum raises immunoglobulin levels. This is a safe and effective and balanced way to improve immunity. I have said all of this to say - at least in my practice, I prefer that people take a capsule or powder form of colostrum.

Nature's most powerful immune concentration
One serving is equal to (48) 480 mg. capsules of Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum IC stands in a class by itself amongst immune products for only it contains all the components of the mammalian immune system found in colostrum. Other immune products, such as maitake mushrooms, beta-gylcan and others, are one-trick ponies compared to this wondrous panoply of immunity.

Colostrum IC is made from the highest quality colostrum. It is produced year-round from cows in the Southwest United States, and the colostrum is processed at the only processing plant specifically built to process colostrum. Colostrum IC is supplied as a liquid spray which is readily absorbed in the bloodstream. As it is highly concentrated, three sprays supply the same amount of immune factors as are contained in 48 capsules of powdered colostrum. It is safe for all ages.


Block reproduction and colonization of pathogens
Increase NK (Natural Killer) activity up to 20X
Activate Macrophages and T-cells

Super Concentrated Immune Factors from Colostrum to Maintain Your Health

By Douglas A. Wyatt, Director
Center for Nutritional Research

Colostrum has long been known for its potent broad-spectrum immune benefits. It has been used for thousands of years as a health maintenance supplement. The antibodies used by Albert Sabin in preparing his first oral polio vaccine came from bovine colostrum. A recent study showed that oral supplementation with bovine colostrum is at least three times more effective than flu vaccine in preventing influenza in both healthy subjects and high-risk cardiopulmonary patients. Now there is a new product, Colostrum IC that contains a super concentrate of all the immune factors found in whole colostrum for an even more powerful, and more cost-effective, way to maintain your health.

Designed by nature to be the first food a newborn eats in this life, colostrum contains all the immune and growth factors needed to complete the development of the gut and prime the infant's immune system to be able to meet the challenges faced by life outside the protection of the mother's womb. This is even more important for calves as the placenta of the cow does not allow immune factors to cross over to the fetal blood, as happens in humans. Thus bovine colostrum is loaded with Immunoglobulin G (lgG), the type of immunoglobulin that provides systemic protection against pathogenic microorganisms and other threats. Human colostrum, on the other hand, contains mostly immunoglobulin A (lgA) that provides local immunity in the gut of the newborn. This is because the immune system of the human infant is already primed before birth because of the more permeable placenta of the mother. This makes bovine colostrum even better for grown-up humans (including children) than human colostrum because IgG provides systemic immunity while IgA does not.
Immunoglobulins are produced by the immune system against a specific antigen (foreign protein) and provide specific immunity against this antigen, which may be a viral or bacterial protein or a toxin. Bovine colostrum contains various forms of immunoglobulins, including IgG, IgA, slgA (a secretory form of IgA that is protected against digestion in the gut), IgD (work as antigen receptors on the surface of B lymphocytes), IgE (involved in allergic reactions), and IgM (a complex of IgG molecules produced as an initial response to an antigen). All of these forms of immunoglobulins work together to fight infections and form the basis of what is termed the adaptive immune system. There is also a so-called innate immune system that fights infections non-specifically. Many of the immune components of colostrum are part of this system, particularly lactoferrin and PRP (Proline-Rich Polypeptides). Lactoferrin is a large protein that has many functions in the body, including iron homeostasis, bone metabolism regulation, embryonic development and reproductive functions, as well as analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity. In its function as an integral component of host defense, lactoferrin is a broad spectrum antimicrobial against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoan invaders. It also has an immunomodulatory role, stimulating the immune system when needed to fight off an infection and inhibiting the immune system to prevent damage to healthy tissues once the infection has been controlled. Lactoferrin has an important role in adaptive immunity as well by increasing the number and activity levels of T and B lymphocytes and Natural Killer (NK) cells, accelerating the maturation of T and B lymphocytes, increasing the phagocytic activity and cytotoxicity of monocytes and macrophages, and stimulating the production of both pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, including Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-a), gamma interferon (INF-y), and various interleukins, IL-1, IL-6, IL-S and IL-1S. It also increases the production of cell receptors involved in the immune response. Lactoferrin competes with viruses for binding sites, effectively blocking their entrance into target cells, including rotavirus (leading cause of diarrhea in young infants), herpes simplex 1 and 2, echovirus, entero-virus, human papilloma virus (implicated in cervical and other human cancers), polio virus, hanta virus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, and alpha-viruses. Lactoferrin also has the ability to bind directly with the structural proteins of certain viruses, inactivating them, and interfering with certain viral enzymes required for infection or viral replication. Lactoferrin is equally effective at killing pathogenic bacteria, including Helicobacter pylori, a major cause of gastric ulcers, and fungal infections, such as Candida.

PRP from colostrum consists of small peptides (short chains of amino acids). They are intra- and intercellular signaling molecules that act as immunomodulators, turning up an under-active immune system or toning down an overactive one by stimulating T lymphocytes to become either helper T -cells to stimulate antibody formation or suppressor T-cells that inhibit killer lymphocytes. They work through specific receptors on the surface of target cells. PRP also stimulate the growth and differentiation of B cells (lymphocytes which produce antibodies).

PRP has been shown to be a potent stimulator of NK cell activity. Dr. Daryl See, MD, Director of the Bioassay Laboratory at the Institute of Longevity Medicine, conducted a comparative study of 196 dietary supplements which claimed immune system enhancement, broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and antioxidant action, bovine colostrum was shown to promote significant NK cytotoxic. Later studies by Dr. See showed that transfer factor (PRPs) increased NK cell cytotoxicity by up to 400%. Among other natural products that increase NK cell cytotoxicity, none exceeded a 50% increase. Another study by Dr. See showed that a combination of nutraceutical products, including transfer factor (PRPs), increased the cytotoxic activity of NK cells in patients with late-stage cancer.

PRP, like lactoferrin, induce the production of both pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-a and INF-l. PRP also promotes the proliferation of white blood cells (leukocytes) and the differentiation and maturation of monocytes and macrophages. PRP increase the permeability of blood vessels in the skin as part of the inflammatory response. As a potent immunomodulator, PRP may be effective in stopping the "cytokine storm" - the cytokine dysregulation that kills patients with bird flu by essentially drowning them in their own fluids.

In addition to these principal components, colostrum also contains a number of other immune factors. Lysozyme is a potent antimicrobial that often works in tandem with lactoferrin to kill bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. Lactoperoxidase catalyzes the reaction of thiocyanate in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (natural chemicals in the body). This has a bacteriostatic and, for some bacteria such as E. coli, a bactericidal effect. It is particularly effective in airway defense.

Cytokines are small proteins and peptides that regulate the immune response, acting as either pro- or anti-inflammatory factors. Colostrum contains high levels of a number of cytokines, including lymphokines, which include the interleukins:

IL-113 - enhances the proliferation of T-lymphocytes and the growth and development of B-lymphocytes, pro-inflammatory
IL-1 ra - this is a receptor antagonist for IL-1 that prevents IL-1 from being inhibited
IL-2 - induces the proliferation of T lymphocytes, NK cells and activated B lymphocytes, pro-inflammatory
IL-4 - causes differentiation of B lymphocytes and Th2 cells (a type of helper T cell involved in IgE production), increases levels of IgG and IgE synthesis, anti-inflammatory
IL-5 - activates B lymphocytes to produce IgA and causes eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) to differentiate, pro-inflammatory
IL-6 - activates T cells, increases synthesis and secretion of immunoglobulins by B lymphocytes, pro-inflammatory
IL-8 - promotes angiogenesis (growth of blood vessels), protects cells from chemical injury, acts as a chemo-attractant for neutrophils (white blood cells), pro-inflammatory
IL-10 - inhibits INF-y and IL-2 secretion by T cells, increases B cell and mast cell proliferation, anti-inflammatory
IL-12 - induces INF-y and IL-2 secretion by T cells and NK cells, pro-inflammatory
IL-13 - growth factor for B cells, modulates B cell responses, increases production of IgM, IgE and IgG4, anti-inflammatory
IL-16 - chemo-attractant for CD4+ cells (various types of inflammatory immune cells, including helper T cells, monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells), draws inflammatory cells to infection sites, pro inflammatory
IL-18 - induces INF-y production by T cells and NK cells, pro-inflammatory

Another type of lymphokine in colostrum is interferon. These interfere with the replication of RNA-viruses as well as activate NK cells and increase the resistance of host cells to viral infection. Interferon also has significant anti-cancer activity. Interferon-alpha (INF-a) increases the frequency of INF- V producing CD4+ T cells and increases levels of IL-4, thus increasing the number of Th1 cells (a type of helper T cell involved in antimicrobial activity). INF-l2 is immuno-regulatory and pro-inflammatory.

Another class of cytokine found in colostrum is called chamomiles. Chemokines mainly guide the migration of cells out of the blood vessels and into the tissues. These include:

Eotaxin - a chemo-attractant for eosinophils
IP-10 - induces migration and activation of intestinal T lymphocytes to enhance mucosal immunity in the gut
MCP-1 (CCL2) - chemo tactic for monocytes and T cells, induces monocytes to leave the bloodstream and become macrophages at the infection site
MIG - another chemo tactic which induces lymphocytes to leave the blood stream and move into tumors, controlled by INF-y
RANTES - also chemo tactic for T cells, eosinophils and monocytes

TNF-a is a separate type of cytokine found in colostrum. It is the main control cytokine for the entire pro-inflammatory cascade. It is also cytotoxic for many cancer cells. TNF-a receptors are also found in colostrum. This is a protein that binds to TNF-a, inactivating it. Another important component of the immune system found in colostrum is complement. Complement is a system of small proteins, which adhere to and attack pathogenic microorganisms and other threats in the blood, causing them to lyse (burst). Nucleotides and nucleosides, the building blocks of DNA, are also important immune components of colostrum. They modulate cell-mediated immunity and help prevent infection. Both human and bovine colostrum contains a great variety of immune peptides. They function as the instruments by which the other components perform their functions. One of these is called defensin. Defensins are antimicrobial and cytotoxic peptides found in all mammals. They are also part of the innate immune system, which provide nonspecific defense against foreign cells and microorganisms by penetrating the cell membranes and altering membrane permeability or opsonizing the cells for targeting by immune cells. They are particularly effective against cells and microorganisms resistant to TNF-a and NK-cytolytic factor. Others are called cathelicidin polypeptides and toll-like receptors. They exist in a bewildering variety of types and subtypes that is beyond the scope of this paper to explore, but they do indicate the marvelous complexity of the immune system and how it is necessary to have all components present for it to work at optimum levels.

This is why Colostrum IC stands in a class by itself amongst immune products for only it contains all the components of the mammalian immune system found in colostrum. Other immune products, such as maitake mushrooms, beta-glycan and others are one trick ponies compared to this wondrous panoply of immunity.

Colostrum IC is made from the highest quality organic colostrum. It is produced year round from cows in the Southwest United States, and the colostrum is processed at the only processing plant specifically built to process colostrum. Colostrum IC is supplied as a liquid spray, which is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. As it is highly concentrated, three sprays supply the same amount of immune factors as are contained in 48 capsules of powdered colostrum. It is safe for all ages.

To maintain a healthy immune system, use only Colostrum IC.

Disclaimer: is an independent distributor for Sovereign Laboratories, LLC The statements contained in this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements contained herein are for informational purposes only, and are not meant to replace the services or recommendations of a physician or qualified health care practitioner. Those with health problems, or who are pregnant or nursing, are specifically advised that they should consult their physician before taking these or any nutritional supplements.

Benefits of Colostrum-IC

A super concentrate of all of colostrum's most important immune modulating components. One dose of IC equals up to 48 capsules of regular colostrum capsules for overall immune benefits that means that just one bottle of Colostrum IC equals 48 bottles of regular colostrum. It's like having a medicine chest in a spray bottle. Quick safe and effective for all ages.

Colostrum is the world's most powerful combination of immune factors; factors that can only be obtained from our first food of life. No plant, drug or chemical source can provide all of these marvelous benefits. If that where so our first meal would not have been colostrum, life's first food.

What does Colostrum IC Immune Concentrate do? What no other immune product in the world can:

  • Creates a hostile environment for viruses.
  • Destroys most disease causing micro-organisms on contact.
  • Helps activate immunity to viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Helps block pathogenic reproduction by interfering with reproductive process.
  • Help regulate the activity of the immune system.
  • Helps stimulate the production of white blood cells and then activate them into active T cells which create antibodies to destroy invaders.
  • Helps regulate the efficiency of T cell activity in lymph glands for anti-pathogenic activity.
  • Helps increase up to 400 times the production and increase the effectiveness of natural killer (NK) cells in your body that seek and destroy virally infected or damaged cells.
  • Helps modulate cytokine activity that regulates inflammatory response and inter-cellular communication.
  • Helps quicken immune response (via enhanced intercellular communication) lessoning the onset and duration of symptoms.
  • Helps induce differentiation of monocytes and macrophages to help destroy invading pathogens.

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