CLAUPAREST 50ml  by Pekana Homeopathic Spagyrics
CLAUPAREST - Adjuctive Help for Circulatory Problems
A Homeopathic tradition of usefulness for:

Circulatory disturbances such as numbness, cramps and tingling sensations.
Beneficial support for arterial and venous circulatory disturbances
*Please consult your physician when considering this product

CLAUPAREST - Circulatory disturbances can cause a wide variety of symptoms that range from numbness, cramps and tingling sensations to gangrenous processes. CLAUPAREST drops helps benefit these underlying circulatory disruptions, whether caused by injuries, metabolic anomalies or cramps triggered by psychological or somatic reasons. As a result, this medication assists the body to restore its self-regulation capabilities and function properly again.

CLAUPAREST 50ml by Pekana Homeopathic Spagyrics

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