Becoming a Basic Level Wellness 
Client/Patient of Dr. Hale, AP is easy.

Step 1: Fill out this simply 10 Question Wellness Survey: Click Here
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Step 3: Notify us via email or phone that you have created an account
Email: [email protected] Phone: 561-337-9435
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Step 4: Dr. Hale will review your account for approval & we will contact you to set up a brief initial complimentary wellness consultation
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Dr. Hale, AP

Proper Rapport Between Practitioner and Patient is the Key to Healing

Lastly, and I apologize that this even needs to be mentioned - rudeness and discourtesy for whatever reason will result in dismissal from my practice.

Certainly if the need arises complaints and concerns can be voiced in a courteous manner.

My policy is 'wellness medicine' is a two-way conversation and I encourage engagement that leads to a proper practitioner/patient rapport.

A contentious relationship is not a healing relationship and does not engender wellness.