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Apex Energetics - How to Order Apex Products

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We carry the full line of Apex Energetics Products and provide same day shipping if ordered by 2PM EST.
Apex Energetics Products are meant for patients of Dr. Hale, AP

Apex Energetics internet sales policy
Their products are not considered "over-the-counter" and can only be sold to patients

Please feel free to call us (561-337-9435) or leave a message using the Chat Box below
and we will be happy to help you expedite setting up your account & placing your order, if you are a new customer.

Procedures for becoming a patient of Dr. Hale, AP will be explained.

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Apex Energetics Products Currently Available

(Their product line has changed some in the last year or so - some new products and some discontinued products)
Here are the products currently available as part of their product line

K-Line Nutritionals™ / Size / No. /  - Listed in Alphabetical Order

AC-Glutathione™ 60 Capsules K88 
AC-Glutathione 250™ 60 Capsules K117 
Acetyl-CH™ Active 90 Capsules K40 
AcetylFlo™ 2 FL OZ Spray K48 
AD-Pro™ 120 Softgels K119 
Adaptocrine™ 90 Capsules K02 
Adaptocrine™ XL 120 Capsules K124 
ADEK-Pro™ 90 Softgels K102 
B12-Max™ Tangerine 1 FL OZ Liquid K56 
BileMin™ 90 Capsules K11 
Brain-E™ DHA Citrus 4 FL OZ Liquid K53 
Brain-E™ DHA 1200-TG 90 Softgels K114 
Catecostim™ 90 Capsules K92 
Cholestar-RF™ 90 Capsules K27 
ClearVite-CHC™ Chocolate 1.21 LBS Powder K111 
ClearVite-CLA™ 1.08 LBS Powder K105 
ClearVite-GL™ Natural Berry 0.82 LB Powder K95 
ClearVite-GL™ Natural Vanilla 0.82 LB Powder K118 
ClearVite-GLB™ 0.52 LB Powder K108 
ClearVite-PCH™ Natural Chocolate 1.05 LBS Powder K89 
ClearVite-PSF™ 1 LB Powder K84 
Collagen ProteinVite™ 0.63 LB Powder K107 
CoQ10 Active™ 8 FL OZ Liquid K90 
DHEA 2 FL OZ Liquid K18 
DopaFlo™ 2 FL OZ Spray K49 
Dopatone™ Active 90 Capsules K41 
Electro-pH™ Complex 0.34 LB Powder K86 
EnteroVite™ 180 Capsules K100 
EnzymixPro™ 120 Capsules K99 
EnzymixPro™-SM 30 Capsules K99A 
Estrovite™ 90 Capsules K05 
Fibromin™ 90 Capsules K25 
GabaCore™ 60 Capsules K93 
GabaFlo™ 2 FL OZ Spray K51 
Gabatone™ Active 90 Capsules K39 
Gastro-ULC™ 90 Capsules K29 
GI-Synergy™ 90 Packets K64 
GI-Synergy™-SM 30 Packets K83 
Glutathione Recycler™ 90 Capsules K57 
Glutathione Recycler™-SM 30 Capsules K81 
GlutenFlam™ 60 Capsules K52 
GlycemoVite™ 1.32 LBS Powder K85 
Glycoberine-MX™ 90 Capsules K126 
Glycoberine™ Active 90 Capsules K127 
Glysen™ 180 Capsules K01 
Glysen-Synergy™ 60 Packets K79 
H-PLR™ 90 Capsules K32 
HemeVite™ 90 Capsules K26 
HemeVite Plus™ 90 Capsules K116 
Hepato-Synergy™ 60 Packets K69 
Histo-X™ 90 Capsules K104 
Liqua-A™ 0.5 FL OZ Liquid K101 
Liqua-D™ 0.5 FL OZ Liquid K87 
Lypomin-LV™ 120 Capsules K33 
Metacrin-DX™ 90 Capsules K10 
Methyl-SP™ 90 Capsules K14 
NeurO2 ™ 90 Capsules K45 
NeuroAmino-SP™ 90 Capsules K44 
NeuroFlam™ 90 Capsules K46 
NeuroFlam™-NT 90 Capsules K77 
Neuro-PTX™ 90 Capsules K47 
Nitric Balance™ Chocolate Strawberry 16 FL OZ Liquid K68 
Nitric Balance™ Peppermint 16 FL OZ Liquid K62 
Nitric Balance™-SM Peppermint 4 FL OZ Liquid K82 
Nourish Greens™ 0.38 LB Powder K67 
OmegaCo3™ 16 FL OZ Liquid K07 
OmegaCo3-SE™ 120 Softgels K113 
Opticrine™ 72 Capsules K03 
Parastonil™ 90 Capsules K59 
Phyto Brain-E™ 4 FL OZ Liquid K54 
Phyto Brain-E™ XL 8 FL OZ Liquid K123 
Pregnenolone 2 FL OZ Liquid K19 
Progestaid™ 90 Capsules K04 
Proglyco-SP™ 90 Capsules K13 
Proglyco-Synergy™ 60 Packets K80 
Prosta-DHT™ 90 Capsules K06 
Protoglysen™ 90 Capsules K28 
Red Yeast Rice Q-Caps™ 90 Capsules K96 
RepairVite™ Caramel 0.34 LB Powder K63 
RepairVite™ Original 0.38 LB Powder K60 
RepairVite-GT™ Plus 0.63 LB Powder K120 
RepairVite-SE™ 3.18 OZ Powder K98 
Resvero™ Active 8 FL OZ Liquid K76 
Resvero-SE™ Active 90 Softgels K125 
Resvero-XL™ Active 16 FL OZ Liquid K110 
SerotaFlo™ 2 FL OZ Spray K50 
Serotone™ Active 90 Capsules K38 
Sibiotica® 60 Capsules K97 
Strengtia™ 60 Capsules K61 
Super EFA Complex™ 16 FL OZ Liquid K08 
Super Methyl-SP™ 90 Capsules K112 
Thyraxis-PT™ 90 Capsules K30 
Thyro-CNV™ 90 Capsules K09 
Thyroxal™ 90 Capsules K12 
Trizomal™ Glutathione 8 FL OZ Liquid K122 
Turmero™ Active 8 FL OZ Liquid K75 
Turmero-SE™ Active 90 Softgels K121 
Turmero-XL™ Active 16 FL OZ Liquid K109 
Ultra-D 5000™ 8 FL OZ Liquid K78 
Ultra-D Complex™ 8 FL OZ Liquid K35 
Vitamin B12 1 FL OZ Liquid K34 
X-FLM™ 90 Capsules K37 
X-FLM™ Small 15 Capsules K37A 
X-Viromin™ 90 Capsules K31 
X-Viromin™ Small 15 Capsules K31A 
Yeastonil™ 90 Capsules K58

Cellegion® Size No. 
Cellestim™ 45 Capsules L02 

Herbals 1 FL OZ Liquid No.

Practice-Building Programs No. 

Repair & Clear™ Program
Basic Program ClearVite-CLA™ 313 
Comprehensive Program ClearVite-CLA™ 314 
Basic Program ClearVite-GL™ Natural Vanilla 319 
Comprehensive Program ClearVite-GL™ Natural Vanilla 320 
Basic Program ClearVite-PSF™ 293 
Comprehensive Program ClearVite-PSF™ 294 

Mucosal Health & Food Tolerance Program™
Mucosal Health & Food Tolerance Program™ Liqua-A™/ Liqua-D™ 330 
Mucosal Health & Food Tolerance Program™ AD-Pro™ 333 

Detox 360º™ Program
Starter Kit
ClearVite-CLA™ 298 
Detox 360º™ Patients’ Starter Kit ClearVite-GL™ Natural Berry 297 
Detox 360º™ Patients’ Starter Kit ClearVite-GL™ Natural Vanilla 302 
Detox 360º™ Patients’ Starter Kit ClearVite-PSF™ 287 

K-Line Creams™ Size No. 
AdrenaCalm™ 1.6 OZ Cream KR16 
AdrenaCalm™-SE 1.6 OZ Cream KR73 
AdrenaStim™ 1.6 OZ Cream KR15 
AdrenaStim™-SE 1.6 OZ Cream KR72 
Oxicell® 1.6 OZ Cream KR22 
Oxicell®-SE 1.6 OZ Cream KR70 
Super Oxicell® 1.6 OZ Cream KR23 
Testanex™ 1.6 OZ Cream KR17 
Testanex™-SE 1.6 OZ Cream KR74 

Terrainzyme® Size No. 
Adreno-Zyme™ 90 Tablets Z05 
C-Zyme 1000™ 60 Tablets Z04 
Cal-Zyme™ 90 Tablets Z08 
HCL Pro-Zyme™ 90 Tablets Z26 
Immu-Zyme™ 90 Capsules Z16 
LipoPro-Zyme™ 75 Capsules Z18 
Mg/K-Zyme™ 90 Tablets Z11 
Mineral-Zyme™ 120 Capsules Z09 
Myco-Zyme™ 90 Capsules Z13 
OsteMend™ 1 FL OZ Liquid Z43 
Puro-Zyme™ 100 Capsules Z15 
Rena-Zyme™ 90 Capsules Z31 
Stress-Zyme™ 100 Capsules Z23 
Super B-Zyme™ 90 Capsules Z24 
Super CoQ10-Zyme™ 60 Capsules Z35 
SuperDigest-Zyme™ 100 Tablets Z22 
Thyro-Zyme™ 90 Capsules Z14 
Zinc-Zyme™ 90 Capsules Z03 

K-Line Homeopathics™ Size No. 
Neurotrans™ Active 1 FL OZ Spray KH42 

Allertox® 1 FL OZ Liquid No. 
Airborne S12 
Allerdrain® S01 
Aller-Total™ S02 

Antitox® 1 FL OZ Liquid No. 
Acute Rescue™ B01 
Acute Rescue™ Cream 2 OZ B20 
Acute Rescue™ Spray B19 
Acute Virotox™ B09 
Adrenal Pep™ B02
Arthro Muscotox™ C04 
Bacterotox™ N09 
Bioclock Regulator™ E08 
Bronchotox™ B14 
Calcium Metabolism C08 
Cell Salt Complex™ B13 
Cellular Recharge™ A01 
Deep Antitox™ A04 
Digestion B04 
Digestive Drainage D02 
DPRSN Antitox™ B07 
Drainage Complex™ D01 
DTX-Kidney™ A12 
DTX-Liver™ A13 
DTX-Lymph™ A14 
Enviroprotect™ A11 
Exchem™ N03 
Female Balance™ A09
Fibrozolve™ C02 
Gentle Drainage™ A02 
Gluco Balance™ B05 
Heavy Antitox™ A05 
Immunosode™ N12 
Injurotox™ B11 
Lymphotox™ N05 
Mucous Membranes B08 
Neurocalm™ 2 FL OZ Liquid W04 
Paraklenz™ N10 
Petrochem™ N02 
Protomer™ N01 
Rad-Tox™ N04 
Revitalization A06 
Sinus Relief™ B03 
Stress Resistance™ B06 
Strong Ligaments and Joints C07 
Ultra Antitox™ A03 

Flower Combinations 1 FL OZ Liquid No. 
ANGR-FLX™ 1202 
ANGR-RLS™ 1201 
FRGV™ 1208 
FR-RLS™ 1203 
FR-TRST™ 1204 
LF-CHNGS™ 1225 
LTGO™ 1209 
LVJY™ 1207 
MND-MMRY™ 1215 
MVON™ 1227 
PRSVR™ 1226 
PSTVTY™ 1212 
RLXTN™ 1218 
SLFSTM™ 1205 
STRNG-MND™ 1219 
VTLTY™ 1220 
WRMLV™ 1210 

Metaboplex™ 1 FL OZ Liquid No. 
Cardi-Met™ G09 
Cerebral-Met™ G10 
Electro-Met™ G16 
Enzy-Met™ G06 
Hepar-Met™ G12 
Oxi-Met™ G05 
Parasymp-Met™ G14 
Pineal-Met™ G11 
Test-Met™ G03 

RegenRx® 1 FL OZ Liquid No. 
Adrenal R13 
Bile Ducts R02 
Bronchi R16 
Eye R27 
Intestinal Mucosa R23 
Kidney R04 
Liver R01 
Lymphatics R08 
Neutrovir™ R11 
Ovagen™ R18 
Pancreas R03 
Pituitary R07 
Spleen R09 
Testogen™ R20 
Thyroid R06 

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