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UNDA from Belgium - Over a half century of exceptional homeopathic products
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Item Id: LOB34
Lobelia Plex 
Asthma, Bronchial asthma

Lobelia Plex contains synergistic homeopathics known for their antispasmodic, expectorant, anti-asthmatic, nervine and emetic actions on the upper respiratory tract, and for their ability to provide symptomatic relief for acute asthmatic attacks. Studies show that individuals who commonly suffer from asthma have a weakened or poor immune system function. Asthma is a reversible airway obstruction in which the onset of inflammation is often triggered by allergies, exercise, irritant particles, psycological stress, low blood sugar, adrenal disorders, viral illness and food allergies. Lobelia Plex is indicated for all conditions related to asthma and bronchial asthma, including dyspnea, chest constrictions and oppressions, and mucous accumulation.
Each drop contains equal parts of:
Lobelia inflata (Indian Tobacco) 8 X
Senega officinalis (Seneca Snakeroot) 1 X
Sambucus nigra (European Elder) 1 X
Eriodictyon californicum (Yerba Santa) 3 X
Ipecacuanha (Ipecac) 4 X
Blatta orientalis (Indian Cockroach) 6 X
Antimonium sulphuratum aureum (Golden Antimony Sulfide) 8 X
Arsenicum iodatum (Arsenic Triiodide) 8 X
Moschus (Musk) 8 X
Natrium Sulfuricum (Sodium Sulfate) 10 X
Recommended Dosage
Adults: Take ten drops three times daily or as recommended by your health care practitioner. To be taken ten minutes away from food.
Children: Divide dosage by half and follow adult directions.
Refer to product label for details.
Available as
30 ml (1 fl oz)    U5160

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This information is for professional use only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any disease or replace traditional treatment, and has not been evaluated by the FDA or NHPD.
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Company History
In the production of all homeopathic remedies Unda uses only pure material and herbs that are biodynamically grown or wildcrafted. The majority of these herbs are obtained near Unda's laboratories, in an enviromentally protected area. Unda produces a broad range of products including single homeopathic remedies in various potencies, Gemmotherapy macerates, Schussler Tissue Salts, Gammadyn Oligo-elements, creams and oils, as well as homeopathic-compatible toothpaste, Organotherapy and Unique Numbered Compounds UNDA was founded June 24, 1949. 
Among the founders were found including Dr. Louis Reutter, pharmacist, Privat-docent of Universiété Geneva and renowned author of scientific books and gentlemen G.Discry and P.Boumans. In 1974, UNDA moved to its present location in Aywaille (Harz), expanded site at various times. UNDA then moved to Brussels in order to achieve a rapid regional distribution of homeopathic medications. In 1976, UNDA grants distribution license to CEMON (Viale Gramsci 18, 80122 NAPOLI). In 1978, UNDA moved his address in Brussels on its new site in Evere, which became his headquarters in 1982. In 1982, UNDA grants distribution license for the Canadian market SEROYAL International Inc..(490 Elgin Mills Road East, Richmond Hill, ONTARIO L4C 0L8). From 1980 to 1989, several research projects UNDA, especially for the analytical evaluation of herbal extracts, are the subject of subsidies from the IRSIA (Institute for the Promotion of Scientific Research in Industry and Agriculture). In 1989, UNDA concluded a partnership agreement with Boiron, world leader in homeopathy, from the perspective of Europe and the globalization of markets & eacute. In 1995, UNDA grants distribution license for the U.S. market SEROYAL USA Inc..(719 Creel Drive, Wood Dale, Illinois 60191). In 2005, the participation of BOIRON in UNDA is increased to 95.43%, through the company Boiron BELGIUM.

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